Firstly it’s confession time today! As a nail polish addict I have lots of nail polishes , however they were all mainstream brands , I didn’t own an indie nail polish until now! If you’re a non NPA reading this there’s lots of independent makers of nail polishes out there who create some unusual and well thought out colours, glitters and combinations, which are highly rated in the nail polish community.
When I saw that Belle Glamour was looking for bloggers to swatch some of their polishes I decided to send my details.

I chose 3 different polishes , 2 holographic (holo’s) and one shimmer.
The first one I swatched was Golden Sunrise


It’s described as an orange holographic polish, but, as the name suggests it is very gold based.


I first used this in a manicure Monday post, I must admit it did chip after 2 days, however so did the OPI I was wearing so I attributed that to the base coat I used (an Orly one). It does have a great holo effect, and if you were looking for a strong gold toned polish I would recommend this one!


The second holo I chose was Mysteriously Polished.


It’s a gorgeous mid- deep primary purple, and the holo,really stands our in it, which is great as I often find it can get lost in a dark colour.


I’m really impressed with this, and I am definitely looking forward to using it in future nail art.


The last one I ordered was called Apple, clues in the name as to what colour this one is!


You guessed it! It’s a light almost pastel green with a pearlised finish which gives it great depth.


I feel like I’m a connoisseur of light green polish, as I have so many, but I couldn’t resist this one due to its pearly/shimmery finish!


I like all these polishes and it’s great to know that by buying these I’m supporting UK business and wearing lovely polish! What indie brands are your favourites? Who else should I be checking out!?