My New Bra Wardrobe with The Strap Saver*

I’ve recently had to revamp my underwear drawer (TMI?) thanks to this year’s weight loss I’ve needed to downsize quite a bit – sob- why are boobs always the first to go?? So I’ve actually been digging out some of my older bra’s that I love but haven’t worn in an age and buying new ones too! Oops! Now we all know bras can be a bit pricey and you do get what you pay for sometimes. Remember this gorgeous Panache bra? My point (or points?!!) exactly. The details and amazing materials plus the fit were all worth the price. 

However I’m not at that investment stage just yet as I am still losing weight bit by bit so don’t want to shrink out of one before I’ve even got some good wear out of it! 

So I took a trip to the good old M&S Outlet and found these! 
This plunge padded bra is fab, (£9 RRP £18) it gives me my boobs back thanks to its super padding. Yay! The little leopard print bow is super cute too! Of course I grabbed the matching thong for £3 whilst I was at it.

The next one was only £2.47! I had been further reduced and is just a run of the mill nude lightly padded t- shirt bra. The material feels fab to touch and I like the jacquard leopard print pattern that just makes it look that little bit prettier than a standard nude bra. I’ve been rinsing this one as it’s perfect with everything.

My final bargain was this Rosie Huntingdon- Whitely strapless bra. It’s made of gorgeous material and lace with rose gold accents. It even has straps with the Rosie logo woven into them. It was a bargain £5.99

Still with M&S I got this 2 pack in their sale online. Just £5.99 instead of £13.99 for both bras! Both are their standard lacy padded bras but they really do the job for everyday. 

The last bra I bought was this George padded non wired bra. It’s amazing! I travelled in this to Mexico as it’s super comfy but still gives a nice natural shape. I bought it in white too as I love it that much! I also stocked up on a couple of George 2 pack t-shirt bra’s in the sale for £5 for 2 that have also been keeping me going! 

I then dug these old bras out, however some of the straps were a little saggy a bit too stretchy and didn’t hold me up as well as I needed to be held! That’s when I stumbled upon The Strap Saver*.They’d followed me on Twitter after my Panache lingerie review and offered to send me some to try out. They’re designed to double up the straps to hold everything a bit higher essentially. I’ve been using my set on cami tops too as I find I still need a size 20 to accommodate my belly but they sag low on my boobs and show a little too much cleavage! .so they don’t have to just be used on bra’s.

They come in different sizes and these are the 1/2 strap size. The 1/4 strap are just about to come back in stock and they are the perfect cami strap size I would say so I’m looking out for them. 

They’re really easy to pop in and go and means I can wear my older bras still which has helped me save some money too! 
So between bargain hunting and The Strap Saver* I’ve managed to get my bra wardrobe up to a decent 14 which I think is pretty good and will definitely keep me going for now! If you’re having similar issues then Strap Saver are also running s competiton here to win a $50 visa gift card (although they have said they’ll try and convert to £ for us UK peeps!) and $25 dollars to spend on the Strap saver, just enter through the rafflecopter link below& leave a blog post comment below! (Be quick it ends the 7th September!) 


*item sent for review. As always I provide an honest one!