Once we’d decided on our feature Photowall , we had the task of sorting out what accessories to pair with it. I am quite renowned for being a queen of tat at work and I love anything that I can clutter my life with. Nothing is minimal in my world which leads to a lot of dusting (thank goodness for a cleaner) and a lot of joy! As I mentioned in the past post the bedroom was super silver before with chrome and diamantés making appearances throughout. As I started using Pinterest more to plan what I wanted in there I started to lean towards bronze and gold metals to replace the silver.

Luckily, more recently my copper and grey lounge has very much leaned towards mixed metals- basically because anything I find I buy it no matter what shade of metal it is! So we had a lot of brass and gold trinkets mixed with the copper theme. This meant I had a good mix of things to get started with. I also managed to pick up a few things that are very ‘of the moment’ in shades of green to mix in with the metallic objets d’art.


I scream this at my husband if he dare stretch out onto my side of the bed, so of course had to start with my bedside table. The tables are remnants of the old bedroom, but think they still blend in quite well, and they match the mink shiny built in wardrobes too so aren’t going anywhere fast!

On top of mine I’ve festooned it with a leaf trinket dish, concrete acorn we picked up in Iceland, a framed card (similar frames here) , large ceramic vase (very similar here) , faux perfume bottle and ostentatious candelabra. Oh and this gorgeous Jasper Conran Green Marble Lamp from Debenhams!

On the opposite side Luke’s got a green marble tealight holder (gorgeous bigger version here) , green marble and brass lamp- we decided to go for odd lamps and love how they look! A concrete camera, Green glass jar, palm tree candle holder (Melody Maison do a version and geometric tealight holder.

Of course my window sills also had to be festooned appropriately too. From my Pineapple plant from Asda (£12) that I’m desperately trying to keep alive, to a print that I think came in a My Little Box ages ago (similar vibes at Desenio) in an even older frame, with my fave accessory of all time, my flamingo trinket dish. (Dunelm (£22) providing the vibes here and as near as dammit from John Lewis (£30) here.

Added to that is the gold feather/leaf trinket tray (Monsoon with a small version (£9), and Maisons du Monde providing two which are much larger for £41.28) an earthenware vase with faux flowers, another candelabra (spot the subtle difference) and a fabulous cut glass candleholder and candle I got in the Marks and Spencer’s Sale last year for £2 instead of £25!

Opposite that needs some work as the gold lantern needs a candle and I’m not happy with the vase (gorgeous handmade ones on Etsy that are similar here) and Gold pineapple tealight holder(£3) combo – suggestions welcome for this vignette!

So if you were in any doubt on how obsessed I am with Home accessories I’m hoping this may have convinced you! Let me know if you’re the same or if your more minimal, and what your fave piece is in this room in the comments below!