Monochrome Mood

It is not a secret , I love black, if I could only choose one colour (you can argue that black and white aren’t colours, but whatevs) to wear for the rest of my life it would be black.
However I recognise that all black can be pretty boring and so don’t plan to make that a mission to do in life (although I could definitely manage a week!)
So a monochrome outfit is definitely made for me!
I was lucky enough to get this vest at the ASOS Swap Shop, no one else was keen as it has the thinnest of elastic straps- Mr E said they were thinner than thin shoelaces, hmm what an analogy! I’d thought about wearing it out with my shiny black pencil skirt and chunky black shoes, and still will! But was looking for something to wear to a Chinese night at my bro in laws.
I decided to layer it over a trusty thick strapped vest and it looked pretty good! I added my trusty G21 blazer and new black ponte trousers and RI curb chain.
The piece de resistance was my new boots! Ever since I saw cleated sole monochrome boots existed I had to have some. These are wide fit (get in! ) and the size 8 fits me, ANNNNND they had £10 off! £17.99 and they were mine!
Plus they’re more of a suitable version for a 5’11 girl than the River Island version!



I’ve also included them in my polyvore Monochrome – Save vs. Splurge here


Is monochrome your thing? Or do you prefer a pop of colour? My next way to wear will be monochrome and pastel, what’s more spring than that?!