In light of my upcoming holiday it was only right that I get myself in the spirit of things, and what better way than to go to a Mexican Tapas bar? Cielo Blanco is at the top of Trinity next to Wagamama’s and the Handmade Burger Co. If you’re still not sure, next time your are about to go into River Island or Topshop in Leeds just look up and you’ll see its small terrace right at the top! 
It was a lovely sunny day until we actually got to the terrace and then the cloud rolled over and the infamous Leeds wind picked up, so we hastily retreated to a booth at the bar. I wasn’t drinking alcohol so I had a Detox Juice, which was very refreshing , I only hope it did what it said on the tin as some of what I consumed afterwards wasn’t the healthiest so I needed it!

One of my friends had a Union Street Margarita and a word of warning it was verrrrry strong! I could smell it across the table and in the end she had to leave some of it as it was that potent!!

   We’d decided to go for tapas which is £11.95 for 3 tapas choices each, which I though was very reasonable. If you do go for a main though expect to pay about the same, I’m told the belly pork is TDF. 

I chose the following: 

  • Chipotle Grilled Mushrooms, crumbly cheese and ciutaloche flautas. These were pretty tasty with only a little kick every so often. 
  • Slow cooked achiote spiced baby back ribs. These were gorgeous. They had a lovely flavour, came straight off the bone, and were a meal in themselves. 
  • My last choice were the Pork pozole meatball is a spicy chorizo sauce. These were nice but we’re very spicy, it was more the afterburn rather than when I was actually eating them! I much prefer the Spanish lamb albondigas at Las Iguanas, and would order something different next time as I felt the taste was ruined a bit by the spice. 

 We added some sides too including Sweet Potato Fries (verrrrry small portion but tasted amazing), chargrilled BBQ alley onions (spring onions which were okay but not amazing) and wild greens with garlic which I didn’t try as I didn’t want to have a garlic overload. 

 This was the first tapas where we didn’t really share between us, I think it was part due to at least 2 of us not loving really hot food and part that there wasn’t a lot of difference with what was in the menu as it’s more the fillings that change under each of the 4 main sections (taco’s, empanadas/flautas , tostadas and quesadillas) with the 6 market dishes providing a little difference next to those. 

Over all it was yummy though and everyone enjoyed what they ordered. I’d for sure go back skip the meatballs and order fries all to myself! I especially can’t complain as we had full tummies for under £20 a head.