I excitedly opened my Libbie Club box when it arrived on the 1st August and inside was a Lola nail polish in the shade Bluebell. I actually already had it from a past beauty box (one of the LIB Glamour ones?) and remember thinking it was a little thin and putting it back on the shelf. So for this week I thought I best give it a fair shot so applied Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood Base Coat as a base coat and then the Lola.

 I’m not going to lie it’s a pretty thin polish, but after 3 coats (resisting the temptation to pile it on thickly) we had results. It’s a lovely colour and has a very glossy finish (these photo’s are sans top coat) on my ring finger I put on the new Nails Inc Multivitamin polish in the shade Primrose Hill. It’s a really similar shade but has a more grey tone to it, it’s also not as glossy but was a 2 coater so swings and roundabouts!  

The offer on the Lola is buy one get one free so 2 polishes for £8 which is a decent deal for what you get, in liking the cornflower blue of both the polishes and think it’s a nice alternative to my bright  polishes last  week! Have you tried Lola polish before?