Manicure Monday 20th July

First and foremost happy birthday to my wonderful husband! We are celebrating tomorrow night on his brothers birthday by going to our favourite Italian restaurant (half price pizza and pasta on a Tuesday!!) with all the fam, so today called for some summery nails that will hopefully last until then! 
When I came back from my holidays is received a massive parcel of makeup from 2True. You will have no doubt have seen them in your local Superdrug before now as a good affordable makeup brand. They’ve actually expanded their offering to over 50 colours of nail varnish and more over on their new website As part of my parcel I got a gorgeous bright coral colour that I decided to use (Shade 24 £1.99*) and a glitter sand effect one (Shade : Christy £3.99*). They’ve gone with all my outfits this weekend so I’m pretty happy with the colours!

 The Coral Fast Dry Nail Varnish* did indeed dry fast, I did one coat then another straight away and then went to bed. I woke up with no indents or the usual bed creases! I did think a couple of nails needed another coat as it was slightly thin in places and they did need a top coat to make them glossy which I recommend with all polishes anyway.

The silver glitter polish was a little more tacky and again took 2 coats to provide a decent coverage but as I layered it over the coral it went a bit squishy as essentially i had put 4 coats on those nails. I did go over them in the morning too and it was fine so I think that was more me being impatient and not deciding which nails would be glittery at the start!

The fast dry polish is 7ml but I think for £1.99 I will be investing in more colours, it’s a good size to pack for holidays too, without being too small. The glitter is 10ml and is still a good price at £3.99 and I’d like to see wat other shades they list on the site in future as there’s only one on there at the moment. I’ve also not had any chips (using no topcoat then ciate top coat on day 3) and they’ve been in 4 days now, so I’m very impressed for the money.

If you fancy trying them out I have a 10% discount code for the entire site : X00418 so grab them for even less while you can! (Delivery is £1.95 per order or Free over £20).

Let me know in the comments if you treat yourself!