Manicure Monday 13th January

This weeks mani was a little trickier than last weeks, I decided to go with a monochrome and gold theme, as I was basing it around my outfit I was wearing on Saturday.


I also had a new Belle Glamour polish in Golden Sunset to try out so worked that into the mani.
The golden sunset is an golden orange holo which just shimmers slightly when on, it’s gorgeous!
I added mono stripes to pick out the stripes in my top, and some loose gold glitter on my pinkie.
Undecided to have 3 patterns, the leopard print curve as seen last week, houndstooth which I’m still perfecting and the WAH daisy print!

The Daisy’s are quite simple to do, just white spots, then very small black dashes from the centre and a small yellow dot in the middle. I even managed to do them on my right hand so must be easy!

The houndstooth I found tricky again, the tutorial is in the WAH book, but that’s not where I learnt to do it, however it dies give step by step instructions which can be followed with ease.

See I have improved! The black and white mani was just over a year ago.
This one from a distance looks effective and even Mr E could see it was houndstooth, but it’s still slightly messy close up so A little way to go before I’m happy!

What nail art are you planning this week?