I was so happy to be able to go to Lush Leeds Spa again this time to look at a the new Christmas releases!
It was really nice to be able to browse the range and try different products at a slower pace than usual. I could have stood making fun snowmen all night!

Alas i just spent a while making this fella although maybe it was more of a snowlady?

I know if you’re a Lush fan you will probably have been knocking down the door on the 3rd of October to be able to smell all the gloriousness, and I don’t blame you, there are some amazing additions to range and some old Christmas faves making an appearance instore this Christmas.
I’ve picked my top 5 from the range that I may/may not have already bought/asked Santa for!
1.The Christmas Penguin – Bubble Bar £3.25
How cute is this guy? Smells include Sicilian mandarin and lemon oils and it’s really refreshing. As I’m penguin obsessed he had to be my top pick!


2. Yog Nog – Soap £3.40 p/100g. This brand new to range soap is based on the smell of Egg Nog and is even dusted with nutmeg and cocoa powder. It reminds me slightly of a custard tart too with the nutmeg topping and is one I’ll have to tell myself I can’t eat!


3. Cinders – Bath Bomb £2.50 . This small but perfectly formed bath bomb returns for 2014 and has a gorgeous sweet cherry scent. It also has a popping candy top which left a little red trail in my bath beneath the yellow water as it fizzed.


4. Santa’s Lip Scrub – £5.50 I never buy a lip scrub as I think I’ll just make one myself. I never do and let’s face it it couldn’t taste better than this. Pretty much like eating fizzy cola sweets, oh and yes those are little edible paper hearts. Super cute.



5. Drummers Drumming – Bubble bar £5.25, another new to range item is this stick bubble bar. Put this one under your running bath water and hear the bells ring! This smells of sweet strawberry and once you’ve used it you could even reuse the bells as decorations for gift wrapping.



After smelling all the shop, trying out Santas lip scrub and balm and snowman building there was just time to browse the gift section which doesn’t disappoint. The packaging is as lustworthy and its grouped into three collections:

Story Telling – inspired by Hans Christian Anderson stories these are more traditionally themed.

City Of Gold – inspired by a visit to an El Dorado exhibit (not the 90’s TV soap that bombed- excuse the puns) this range is based around opulence and decadence.

German Techno Nordic Pop – try saying that fast! This one is inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate and is very vibrant as you’d imagine.


I especially liked this 12 days of Christmas abridged advent calendar of sorts.
I was given a gorgeous parting gift of the Star Of Wonder Gift Set* £26.50 which contains:
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Star Light,Star Bright Bath Melt, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Sparkler Bath Bomb and Snow Fairy Sparkle Shimmer Bar.
As you can see it’s definitely a German Techno Nordic Pop item!
I love the box and will be great to store all my Lush goodies in throughout next year.


Plus it all smells so sweeeet!
I’ll be sure to put some vids and pics on instagram of these in action so follow me using the link below to keep up! I’d also love to know what your top picks would be so share them with me in the comments.