There’s a lot gone on this month that hasn’t been all roses and all though doesn’t impact me as much as other people it’s still given me the wake up call to say I need to live in the moment more – YOLO and all that. There’s a post coming soon about doing things on my own again which is a big part of this for me, but there’s also a lot more things you can do to either live in the moment or to create more time to have more fun!

1. Get Away Somewhere*

I always like to plan fully as I like having something to look forward to, but sometimes you just need to get away. That’s why checking out some last minute deals to just jet off some where can be just what you need, and leaving it last minute pays off as there’s some decent savings to be had too which is needed if you’ve just decided on a whim! We’ve taken the plunge and not quite left it to the day before, but have booked a trip to Iceland for 5 weeks time! (Send tips my way!)

2. Stop Pressing Snooze

Okay so I can say this but it’s harder to do! Just by getting up with time to spare really does give that extra value to the day. It means rather than rushing around I can actually spend time cuddling my cats , oh yeah and Luke lol. It also means I’m not wasting time trying to go back to sleep in 9 minutes to be woken up yet again by my alarm and feeling more groggy for it.

3. Go Off Grid

Sometimes there’s no better way to live in the moment than actually looking up and putting your phone down. Will anyone die if you don’t share that sandwich on your Insta Stories? Nope. I took my Mum up to the village she grew up in to visit her cousins, sister and to go to my grandparents grave. We had a lovely time catching up with them and then nipping to Sandersons Store in Fox Valley for afternoon tea and a quick mooch around the shops. I didn’t go on my phone once except to take photos (I can’t resist!) and then shared some of my fave moments once I got home. It was a nice way to recap on the day whilst still being in the moment when I was there.

4.Don’t Be Afraid to Relax

This is not a problem for me, but sometimes we all think living the YOLO life is all about doing something at all times – well it can be about taking the time out to simply relax. Myself and Lucinda recently did a mini meditation at the Lush Leeds Spa event and I’ve never felt so zen and cleansed so it’s something I want to look into in 2018 a bit more for sure.

5. Spend Time Doing Things You Enjoy

I hate cleaning and cooking- I’m such a catch aren’t I!?- but rather than just not do it- tempting but my asthma won’t let me live with dust and my location means I can’t just order Deliveroo every night so I had to rethink!

I pay for a cleaner to help with the cleaning of our house- it’s a 4 bed, 3 storey- and it’s the best money I spend every week, it’s freed up our weekends and given us quality time back. Appreciate not everyone can afford it but a tenner a week is well spent in my world. I means that’s like three takeaway coffees isn’t it!?

Food wise I like quick meals, Luke does all the cooking but I can’t keep relying on him so I’ve been recommended Gourmade as a way of getting quality ready meals that are tasty and almost like homemade, so will be trying them ASAP! I also can’t resist a Marks and Spencer treat either- their quality is out of this world! I always stop by our local services one on my way home and look out for freezable yellow sticker bargains to keep in! Of course working for ASDA means I also get a lot from there too- we had a Chilled Paella after the gym the other day and it hit the spot!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you live in the moment , or if this has inspired you to do so!!

*In collaboration with Holiday Gems , as always words, post theme, thoughts and opinions are my own.