Last week was a manic one but it got me well and truly into that festive feeling. It all kicked off with the Meadowhall Shopping Centre’s light switch on. Year after year this gets bigger and is now a fully fledged concert hosted by Capital Yorkshire which draws in a crowd of 15,000! This years acts included Rak Su who were my absolute faves from day one on last years X- Factor, Max George whose love of Barcelona parallels my own, M.O who I’ve been following since Wretch 32 gave them a shout out years ago and said they were one to watch- they really were and Bang Bang Romeo who in all honesty were amazing live and gave me allll the feels. 

Considering this event only cost £5.95 a ticket the value for money was superb as HRVY (who I’m told all the kids love), Tom Zanetti and a local born singer Hannah Trigwell also performed too. 

I managed to get there in time to interview Max and the Rak Su boys alongside some other bloggers and press. I learnt that Max would consider future Collab’s with artists of a non-pop genre ( I pray for some kind of grime collab) and that his fave song at the moment is Tom Walker leave the light on. Whilst Mustafa from Rak Su loved Slum Village back in the day, Ashley would pick Candy Rain as his throwback track whilst Jamaal’s would be Earth Song! And Myles gave me a tip of listening to the Teskey Brothers I Get Up as it’s his fave song at the moment. After that we got to watch all the acts from the front stage followed by a spectacular fireworks display to boot! It was so good especially as I hadn’t made it to any fireworks displays earlier in the month.

The next day I stepped up the festive feeling a notch. I was at the White Rose shopping centre and I got to meet Santa (ace right!?) followed by trying out a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap from the mini Christmas market they have set up just outside the Cineworld. I highly recommend it for the sum of £5.50 but I’d skip potatoes in it if you’re not a gravy fan like me, if you love gravy then it’s probably okay for you! You can see both versions before they were wrapped above. They cook all their meat onsite too so it was lovely and moist so gravy wasn’t needed for the rest of it thank goodness.

I also got to have my first Mulled Wine of the season, however as that’s not as Instagrammable as the hot chocolate my friend Kat had so I pinched that for photos! We finished the night off with a not so festive sour melon tango ice blast and a screening of the new Grinch movie. I’m not a fan of the OG Grinch film but I loved the new animated version and was laughing all the way through! 

Last but not least I saw the St Pancras Christmas Tree (whilst still in progress) , Oxford Street and Carnaby Lights and the Liberty Christmas windows on my trip to London so was ready to watch my first Christmas B movie come Sunday night and you may remember how much I love those from last year! This one had will from will and Grace in it and Charlotte from sex and the city! I think it was called A Heavenly Christmas. Very far fetched but a good ole cheesy love story based around the holidays so what’s not to love!?

All this festivity literally has made up for the fact I didn’t get my tree put up this weekend so it has to wait until I’m back from New York now, as someone that likes it up mid-November it’s killing me but it’s something to look forward to! Tell me when do you put yours up and what gets you well and truly in the Festive mood?