I’ve got a new Christmas tradition I’ve decided and it’s my annual ‘go to Lush and smell all the Christmas products and buy half the shop’ tradition. Luckily both last year and this I’ve been invited to Lush events so the tradition has been pretty easy to follow! This year I was invited to the Lush Leeds Spa to have a look at their new mini makeover and then to the Lush Sheffield Fargate store to talk skincare, makeup and Xmas. I was very very happy when they said I was welcome to go to both events so spread my pennies across both stores!

The Lush Leeds Spa was a busy one, I met up with a host of lovely ladies and lads prior and experienced the Parmesan and Truffle chips from the new steak place on Trinity Kitchen. They were a dream.

Once we got there it was pretty hectic, but I loved the new bath bomb display table and definitely didn’t need to be told twice to have a bath. Infact when I got to go explore the spa again I was very tempted to climb in the one there!! I love how festive and calming it was in the spa. It really does block all the noise out from the shop upstairs. I was tempted by lots of things but stuck with buying my favourite mini bath bomb Cinders, the new Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand and the most amazing You’ve Been Mangoed, which reminds me of something I used to use in the 90’s I’m just not sure what!  

It all went by in a blur, one of the Lush colleagues were playing guitar whilst we browsed it was very enjoyable, I made a bath bomb and basically sniffed half the shop. I also had a fab arm massage in the spa and got to see some of the treatments being carried out which always interests me. It as soon over though and I was packed away with a goody bag with some old and newly discovered faves including the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb which is my favourite Christmas product I’ve decided , just look at how it glistens!

Plus a Peeping Santa bubble bar and snowman shower jelly,  how cute!

At Lush Sheffield Fargate there were stations around the store with an expert in each, my favourite was the bathing section of course and the photos of the Golden Wonder are from that, I also discovered Star Dust that ended up in my shopping bag quite quickly! The lady on there (I’ve forgotten names I’m so terrible!) loved glitter so we got to see all the glittery things in action which was fab plus anything we wanted. Doesn’t she look fab making bubbles?!

I also got to make my own Butter bear how cute is he?

 I had to include a photo of Santa too I love this one.

The next station was skincare where I got some great advice on things to use for my skin type. You know I love my moo goo moisturisers but I can’t seem to find a cleanser so in hoping the 9 to 5 one might be perfect and I got one to take away with me so I can try it out. Some of the girls also made some fresh face masks the Catastrophe Cosmetic (the blueberry one) I’ve used it and it was fab- left my skin so smooth and didn’t irritate my sebbhorahic dermatitis – bonus!

After that I got to look at all the Xmas gifts, and my catties agreed to buy me this one for xmas as I really wanted last eyes version but never got it! 

Now I missed the hair station but did get these goodies to try out and thank goodness I did as I’ve now had my hair dyed lighter so need all the moisture I can lay my hands on, I’ll let you know how I get on in the new year.

Finally my favourite part of it all was the colour wheel. In short you close your eyes and focus whilst the wheel spins then open your eyes and choose the first three colours that you see/focus on. Each colour has a word which represent the colour written on the underside.

The first is meant to represent how you are and how others see you- I got Confident

The second is meant to be wait you need more of/are lacking I got Motivation

The third is meant to be the colour you need in your life to help get more of the second thing I got Feeling Secure

Now although the ladies I was with weren’t that convinced mine couldn’t have been truer about my work state of mind recently! I didn’t buy the purpley colour of feeling secure but did get the Dynamic colour as its just so lovely, I’m using it highlight my inner yes but can also be used as a highlighter too.

This was definitely my fave bit aside from the Macarons that we had that were provided by  Joni and they were by far the best I’ve ever tasted ( and as a quite a blogger cliche I’ve eaten quite a few )I really want to try the dark green one that’s on their site next as it looks so nice.  

All the noms.

So of course o think I’ve discovered all Lush has to offer but I want to know what’s your favourite product and why should I try it? Let me know in the comments!