Attention grabbing title or what!? Well this Is fact and I broke my own hair wash record a few weeks ago and went 2 weeks , yep 14 days, without washing my hair with water! Now if you’re thinking all the following: doesn’t it smell/get greasy/look scraggly/frizz up etc them essentially nope but it doesn’t happen overnight, you need patience and to have some help at hand to stop those concerns whilst your in training mode as such.

Growing up my mum would only let me wash my hair weekly, she said it would get greasy if I did it more often and I listened- for some reason the old wives tale seemed to work and my hair was rarely ever greasy and it meant the task I hated the most was reduced to once a week. Unsure if I’d have listened to her if I loved washing my hair but I hated it because I could never use a shower to do it. In short we got free/cheap coal to heat our house and water (benefits of a dad who worked as a joiner in the mines) so had to use a jug of water in the bath vs a shower as it was cheaper than using the electric shower. So you can see why I was not a fan! I eventually got upgraded to a shower that was part of the bath taps which helped but by then I was a weekly washer through and through.

When I recently went to Vegas I don’t wash my hair whilst there and this was day 7 of no washing.

If you’re starting from scratch on this you’ll need to start to leave your hair longer between washes, so if you wash daily go an extra day for a few weeks then add another in and so on. I’ve started to do this more recently which has got me to the two week stage – although this isn’t something I’m aiming for long term, but it proved I could do it with little grossness.

To help with the extra days in between when you ‘should’ be washing it get out the dry shampoo! I do find I lot of the aerosols can irritate my scalp though so was happy to discover The Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam (£24) * . Not only does it smell great afterwards (like I’d sprayed perfume in my hair) it helped take out the grease somewhat and freshen it up after a long day. It’s brill for the day before a wash as that’s the worst when in training mode! And no one knew I’d been using a dry/mousse shampoo either as it didn’t smell like the more traditional dry shampoos you can get. It’s not cheap but if you think of alllll the money you’ll be saving and time washing your hair investing in this is well worth it!

I’m really keen to know how often people wash their hair currently so satisfy my curiosity below won’t you!?

*indicated item provided for consideration of review