I’ve never really suffered with jet lag until now, the furthest I’ve travelled before now was Mexico a few years back and I didn’t really notice any major changes , maybe it’s because I was younger or maybe it’s because I was there for 2 weeks so had more time to adjust, I don’t know. I thought I’d be fine for Vegas and that I just had to work on not being tired but it really did come at me. I felt so so sick about an hour after we landed I had to concentrate on not throwing up- I couldn’t believe I was that affected! I had a two hour nap and managed to drag my butt to Freemont Street to explore but avoided the alcohol that night. I woke up every hour that night and it frustrated the hell out of me. Being in a strange bed didn’t help either – I just wanted my own bed in my time zone!

The day after about 7pm (3am UK) I got super sick again and just went to bed there and then and woke up every two hours. I really didn’t know that jet lag could have that kind of effect, but now reading up on it , you can get indigestion,constipation or diarrhoea too! Luckily I didn’t have the last two! It was only by the Tuesday (over 48 hours since we flew) that I felt semi normal again. Considering we then had to come home on the Friday it was tough going!

Whilst awake at all these times I tried not to stress out but I know how important sleep is! It probably didn’t help that I’d attended the #ChooseSleepNow event hosted by Bed Guru a few weeks earlier where I learnt exactly how a lack of sleep can impact you. I’m talking mentally, physically and much more! It’s a necessity when it comes to your body resetting and repairing itself too and I really didn’t want to catch the cold everyone around me had (extra stress on top!)

At the event we did a bit of relaxing yoga with my faves Yoga Hero so I used the breathing techniques we learnt to try and help me drift off. It helped a little but wasn’t a ten out of ten success. Luckily coming back to the UK wasn’t nearly as bad, I had a nap on the Saturday afternoon for a few hours after we landed and then slept all night – but after another nap on Sunday I couldn’t get to sleep and managed about 3 hours sleep on the Sunday night thanks to a 5am get up – fab for a first day back at work. Even my breathing techniques couldn’t save me so I just kept going, sprayed some Neom Sleep Pillow Spray that I was given from the event and tried to have an early night- when the husband was coughing his guts up though it wasn’t easy to drift off! His lack of sleep caused him to get run down and that combined with plane aircon meant he’s been coughing no stop for over a week now – if I don’t catch it, it will be the first time ever in ten years that he’s had a cold and I haven’t – so just another way jet lag has impacted us!

I must say I didn’t really think about all the impacts jet lag could have until now , and hopefully this has helped anyone planning a trip to prepare a little better than we did (I’m thinking Neom Sleep Spray is a definite must travel with!) and tell me below any tips and tricks you have won’t you!