Did I mention I went to Paris? Haha well I outfit planned within an inch of my life as I wanted to be Chic and Parisian but also comfy, of course. On our full day exploring it was important to wear something I could just ‘be’ in and this Evans top was just perfect. We wandered around Montmartre and had planned stops based on food (of course) and some sights. When I discovered the carousel at the foot of the Sacre Cœur I was understandably excited! Isn’t it just fab!?

The top from Evans was perfect for the day. It’s a lightweight and crinkly material which meant even if it creased it blended into the material, and wasn’t that apparent. Whereas a cotton top would just show those darn things up right away!

After posing there awe went on the hunt for the Flamingo Wall.  It was something I’d seen on  Instagram so a major stalk then happened to see where exactly it was. I’m talking google searches and google maps street views to track it down. (It’s not on street view either in case you were wondering!) This was the perfect location to shoot my Evans Denim jacket (£30) that I customised with the help of Hand and Lock at their denim event. The flamingo patch was born for it!

There wasn’t just this wall art either.  My second fave was the unassuming tiles that when you look a little closely at the pineapple. …. well you can now see what the pattern really is now!

We wandered some more out toward the infamous Moulin Rouge and down to a lovely eclair shop with the most delicious eclairs. When in Paris…! Luke didn’t enjoy his as much but he got that one as he knew I wanted it as it was pretty but couldn’t have it as it had nuts so he got it for me, bless him! I also managed a hot chcoloate which was pretty special too.

After that rest we then went on to walk to the Eiffel Tower. I’d love to go and explore it again with a bit more time on our hands! Have you ever been to Paris? Let me know your fave spot in the comments!