Exploring Islands in Thailand

Ad|Gift. One of our trips whilst staying in Phuket was a boat trip around a few of the islands in Thailand. I was so excited for this as I wanted to see some amazing beautiful views – I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

view from the boat with waves splashing up
lucy in a life jacket at on the boat
lucy stood on the beach

Ko Yao Noi Island

Our first stop was Ko Yao Noi Island and Laem Had Beach. We went here first as the tail of the island you see above is only there when the tide’s in. We passed it later in the day and it was unrecognisable as when the tide was out. The flat sand went on for miles before the shorelines started again.
It’s best to swim on one side (the left as you look at it.) Then stay close to shore thanks to some currents that are around. The sand is super sticky underfoot too.

lucy sat on her towel on the sand with trees behind her
lucy wrapped in the towel with the sea behind
lucy wrapped in the towel with the sea behind and a boat

Before the trip, I’d been gifted a sand-free towel from Tesalate*. It’s lightweight and space-saving which was perfect as it gave me more room in my beach-bag (and luggage!) It dries twice as fast so when we got caught in a storm, later on, I wrapped it around myself and it was the one thing that helped me stay a little dry! Everyone was very impressed by it as it really did stay sand free too! On our last day, I even used it to dry myself off before our flight home. Within about half an hour it was dry enough to pack. I was so happy as it meant I could have one last swim! Oh and isn’t the design fab? The main design is this amazing Toucan print, isn’t it so beaut?? The other side has a monochrome pattern if you want something less playful!

lucy on the ebach with the sea behind and another island with the towel waving behind her

I had to ditch the towel when it was time to have a go on the swing that was at the water’s edge though. It was so nice to swing out to sea with such an amazing view. It was really calming despite our whole group waiting to have a turn on it! I love this island as it’s so idyllic with large palm trees, a swing and the way the edges of the island just disappear into the sea. It’s a shame the sky wasn’t as blue all the time but it was so warm we didn’t mind!

fish farm with a hut and pieces of wood in the sea being held afloat with barrels

Fish Farm

We hopped across to our next stop, a fish farm. The fish are in the sea with nets around them. You can see the grid walkway above, which makes the square net areas. It’s a farm where they breed fish to sell on for food so not one for veggies or free-range fans really. We got to see a number of different fishes up close and personal but it was sad to think someone would be eating them soon enough.

a blue-green coloured lobster being held

This lobster is so beautiful, and super expensive if you were to eat him so I’m hoping he gets to stay for longer. We also met this super cute pufferfish. I found out after that they don’t like to puff up and to recover from the stress takes a few hours, so I felt super bad for holding him after I found out. So sorry to him and here’s to educate those like me who had no idea!

We also ate the most amazing meal here. It came in a traditional canteen box, basically a lunch box, Thai style. We had the most delicious soup, sticky rice, fried chicken and veg plus fruit! It was one of my fave meals of the trip. Soon enough though some clouds rolled in and we were in the midst of a storm. Luckily they rolled back out again and we kayaked around the farm until it was time to go!

lucy in a bikini with a bag standing in front of the sea and cliff behind

Hong Island

Our final stop was at Hong Island, one of the more well-known islands in Thailand which is just lush! After a terrifying long walk down the floating jetty, we made it into the beach. Within about half an hour we had it to ourselves. We grabbed our snorkels and went towards the edge of cliffs to go Nemo hunting. There were clownfish, sea urchins and other amazing fish all around the rocks and coral. It was so beautiful!
However, getting in and out of the water was no mean feat with very shallow waters and a lot of rocks we all ended up with cuts and grazes. Despite this, it’s still one of my fave islands in Thailand!

on old thai boat moored up on the shore

After that it was time to head back to Phuket. We amused ourselves when Luke and his pal Leo had to be transported in a motorbike sidecar crate from the harbour to the minibuses! I was howling! I’d highly recommend our boat crew from Blu Anda as they were amazing. Photo taking, singing, dancing and general fabulousness was just the extras they provided on our trip! They offer many set package trips which are around 4,500 baht each (about £115 at current exchange). It was one of the standout blissful days so I would recommend it for sure!

This was part of my trip with Traveleyes (Which I paid for) which I’ll be talking about soon enough on here. In the meantime let me know below if you’ve ever been to any Islands in Thailand and which your faves were won’t you!?

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