I was ‘lucky’ enough to go to spend an evening with Kellie from Big Fashionista last year as her plus one at an event- with promises of live music and cocktails and of course Kellie’s glorious company I couldn’t turn it down. Of course I wish I had (she will also testify to this!) as the music really wasn’t to my taste. I just couldn’t get it no matter how much I tried to open my mind I was left agape at about 85% of it and whilst I appreciated some parts it all together just didn’t make sense together. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to jazz and my induction. Needless to say I was left a little scarred to the point if I even heard the word jazz whispered I’d start to shake (jokes obviously). There is a point to this long winded introduction which is that I opened myself back up to jazz last week and I enjoyed it.

Now it wasn’t typical jazz luckily but would still come under that genre I would say- it was classed as a ‘post modern fusion of speakeasy style and jukebox classics’. In my words it was classic pop songs or all genres you know the words too sang over a jazzy/speakeasy backing track. It was actually really darn good too, the singer was amazing and it wasn’t so intrusive that you couldn’t talk over it if you needed, but you could also sit and listen too if you didn’t have much to say to each other (as you’ll see me saying on Marcos New York Italian Insta page – cringe!). It for sure eased me into contemplating enjoying jazz at least which is a step in the right direction!

So it was thanks to Marcos New York Italian*- this is inside the Hampton by Hilton Hotel (try saying that after a few wines!) in Sheffield centre- who had invited me to their monthly payday night Manhattan to Midnight, where you can dine with them and listen to the live music.

The food was fabulous. We had the two sharing boards- The Great American and the New York Italian Seafood Platter (£15.50 each*) The whitebait was plentiful and I actually tried it for the first time and loved it. Not one if you’re a little squeamish though! The calamari was gorgeous as was the crab cakes which made up the seafood platter.

The American one came with ribs which were gloriously melt in the mouth, chicken wings on which the glaze was the right side of sticky and nachos. Oh the nachos. By far the best nachos I have ever had! The Guac was really nice and tasted really fresh and the seasoning in the chips was so so moreish. The cheese not so much I just can’t get around squirty cheese and much prefer a melted cheddar but appreciate that’s not so American is it!?

We were full after sharing these between us but of course made room for desserts. Firstly the Chicago Hot Brownie (£5.95*) was immense, the perfect end to our food, yet I’d managed to persuade Luke to have the daddy of all desserts. The Manhattan Milkshake (£10.50*)A panna cotta milkshake with ice cream and raspberry sauce topped with a slice of cheesecake, fresh fruit and blueberry compote! Basically two desserts in one! This provided us with a lot of entertainment for the evening- it doesn’t take much- as it came with a spoon in this tall glass. No plate underneath (which was a mistake as Tracey from the Naughty Forty Diaries ordered hers and it came with a plate thank goodness!) so we tried to eat the cheesecake without pushing it into the milkshake. All of a sudden an errant strawberry collided with a blueberry making that in turn fall to its death on the floor whilst hitting the tablecloth and Lukes new shirt on its way to its doom. The culprit strawberry also made a getaway to the tablecloth as did some of the cheesecake. Basically the cloth was covered in red fruit juices – oooops.

The cheesecake was blooming lovely and worth the hassle and I’d for sure order it again and have the cheesecake for me and the milkshake for Luke as it is rather filling! We ended the night with a quick cocktail before heading off home with a jazz/speakeasy version of Mr Brightside stuck in our heads and full stomachs!
If this sounds like your cup of tea then the Manhattan ’til Midnight evenings are on the last Friday and Saturdays in every month! I’ve been recommending it to my friends on the basis of that last dessert alone lol!

*I was invited to try out the evening in consideration of review, as always words and opinions are my own (and Luke’s usually!)