I adore prints, I'm always drawn to something due to its print or texture but this season cut and shape have been hard to escape. From cold shoulder details, to oversize flare sleeves and ruffles galore it's started to draw me away from my beloved prints ever so slightly.
However I won't lie, this outfit was built from the shoes up. I found these Missguided wedges (£40) on their site back in May and knew they were just 'Me'. The Aztec weave design was of course what drew me to them and I don't give a thought about what I'd actually pair them with- Jeans and a nice top maybe!? Before I had chance to think they were in my basket. Luckily when they arrived they fit, they stretch enough around my cankles and are pretty easy to wear even with a 5inches of extra height they provide.

Because of that though they needed a more formal outfit to pair with them as I'm not walking around being 6foot 4 for just a jeans and top kinda night you know!? So I started hunting for plain colour dresses which is such a rareity as I just don't seem to own any, unless they are black and I really wanted to pick out some of the colours in the shoes so it was all about the blues and oranges in my search.

I tried a few but when this one was on I knew it was the one! It's an ASOS Tall offering so goes from size 4-20, and its cut not to basically show my arse when I wear it and accommodate my extra inches in height! And that it does! I do think it would be fab on someone shorter too as it would be more of a knee length then and still look great. I quite enjoy the chiffon frill across the top and the sleeves but I did pin it up ever so slightly so it showed the little bit of a nipped in waist it gave me (do I sound all Gok Wan now as I'm kinda feeling that vibe) and then hoisted my bra up (lols) and was good to go!
There's an ever so subtle shimmer in the top chiffon that I couldn't get a good photo of as it only took me wearing it out to see it and it was impossible to photograph!

Now for the best bit- it's only £28! That's full price too so a bargain I'd say. It would look great when autumn and winter come along too with it being dark and would look great with berry coloured accessories, so I can't wait to style it then too. For this time though I paired it with my Mulberry clutch bag and my Skinny Dip Rose Gold Palm necklace (£16) I'm loving palm Jewellery at the moment and have the Orelia palm ring and necklace in gold too.
Surprisingly to me the fact that this was so plain actually showed off my shape and the dresses and I've had loads more lovely comments on it vs my usual dress choices! I might just consider more plain dresses in the future too!