Celebrate Your Body

I felt I had to have my say over those disgusting cards that were being handed out at train stations to ‘fat’ people.  They were body shaming, derogatory works of art and I won’t be posting the photo on here as I truly don’t think the words written deserve any more exposure. But their ‘organisation’ was definitely one of hate lets just say that. 

It made me think what would I say if I’d been handed one? I truly believe it might depend on the day. I really try hard to love my body and I’d like to think I would have ranted to that person that my body is my body and none of their concern, that I have someone I share my life with that also loves me and my body and that I am a kind, successful, motivated, confident and thoughtful woman. Im not ugly inside or out, which whoever wrote those cards definitely was inside to have such hatred in them. 

But…. Sometimes I have off days, days where my body lets me down be it my ribs who love each other too much trapping nerves as they long to be together ha! Or my lovely not so monthly visitor that tears my insides out every time they pay a visit. Sometimes I let my body down in return, feeding it too much over greasy food which in turn makes my stomach flip inside, od’ing on sugar to keep myself awake after a late night, or not pushing it enough in yoga and taking the easy pose over the challenging one.  If it had been one of these days would I have had the strength to stand up to them or would I have been the upset girl on the tube? Who knows. 

What I do know is I would prefer ten fold over to be kind and pretty on the inside (and out to me) than be full of hatred and ugly inside and out. Which is why I thought this #YouLookGreat pulled the negativity into positivity and Navabi who cleverly registered the domain name of the card people and used it to spread the word was pure genius and down thing kind people do! GO Navabi! Have a look Here to see what they got up to!

 So I’m off to tell ten people they look great,  why don’t you do it too? lets spread the positive and really piss those body shakers off!