If you like cauliflower you must read this. I mean what’s not to like about Cauliflower really, it’s a standard veg, quite flavourless on the whole I’d say so not a lot about it to dislike but maybe not a lot to love either!?  It had quite the second coming last year though with everything being made from it, most importantly the cauliflower pizza bases which I am still going to attempt to make in 2016. I’ll be honest I didn’t think it could get much better than that (and the cauliflower cheese grills that have become a key part of my less meat-more healthy eating plan)

I was wrong.
Record that because I never am wrong. Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.


Roasted cauliflower in a Romesco (nut and red pepper based) Sauce with Almonds and Sherry Vinegar. Oh my. I can’t even begin to say how lush it was. I want to eat it all the time!! The flavour was amazing , even of the cauli with no sauce, as it had been slow roasted and just tasted so different to your standard boiled cauliflower. 

The Ox Club is in the downstairs partof the  fabulous Headrow House event space (which is owned by the same people as the Belgrave Music Hall which I also love!). It’s a new thing, having only opened in early December later than the rest of Headrow House but well worth the wait. The dishes offered do vary but all are centred around the massive grill that’s imported from Michigan which is powered by solid fuel. Think a ginormous barbecue operated with pulleys and you’ve got it.

Now I rarely sincerely apologise but the ambience in the Ox Club is very, well, candlelit so I couldn’t get very many good photos so sorry for the lack of them! Check out my fave Queenbeady for her shots of it during the day time (spoiler their brunches are just amazing!). Anyway back to the food and the photos I did manage to get! 


We started with Olives on Ice, they were glorious and I could’ve eaten them all day long. They were close to the best olives I’ve had and I don’t say that lightly! We also shared the Ham Hock Rilettes which was lovely, although the olives won for me so I traded some of the ham hock for more of them!! 


For mains we had the Hanger Steak which was perfect for some, but not me. In fact it’s he only gripe I have about the entire place. I love steak however it doesn’t love me. I used to suffer from severe stomach cramps and narrowed it down to Tomatoes, oranges and bloody steak. Random but I found out it is a thing so I just plod on only eating them in moderation or cooked on a way that doesn’t aggravate my stomach. 

So I have to eat it with no blood. I love a true medium steak but have to have medium well , perfection is brown all the way through but still juicy. So when I asked for this they said no sorry but the chef won’t cook it any other way. Now I get it, I do! But it’s not my ignorance or choice to eat it the way I do so I was frustrated that I couldn’t have the steak, so my friend had it instead and assured me it was amazing.  

Instead I tried the Ox Cheek with was served with beans and bacon jam which gave it a glorious flavour – it wasn’t too overpowering but was slightly sweet.
As well as the amazing cauliflower we had Kale that was served with raisins which worked really well together surprisingly. Nom.

As the portions were well sized we did have room for dessert which I was very glad about , and we both opted for the Lemon Tart. It was lovely and was served with homemade lavender meringue sprinkled on top in a nod to lemon meringue pie. I don’t often allow the same things to be eaten when I’m reviewing somewhere but did find the desserts slightly limiting as there’s only 3 choices usually (plus cheese and biscuits) but I’ve seen some amazing ones pop up on Instagram since so can presume they’ve expanded it or have mixed it up a bit more since. 
The service was fab and friendly throughout even when they broke the news on the steak cooking, and it was the perfect ambience to be able to have a nice talk and chat without it being too noisy with too loud music or other people talking. It was full when we were there ,yet because it’s not too huge it meant that it feels like a nice cosy size with not too much hustle and bustle.

I am going back. No debate as I need that cauliflower in my life again, hell, I might even ask for just a plate of that!! 

Is cauli a fave of yours or a forgotten veg? And how much do you want to go try this? Let me know in the comments below!