The main reason for me to re visit Barcelona was to discover more Tapas so i had to go on the FoodLover Tapas Tour again. The first experience of the tour was on a hen do last year and we were all blown away by it and had a fabulous time! so this tour had a lot to live up to! 

After speaking to the owner Matt through email he knew exactly where we should go on the tour to avoid places I’d already visited, and we were booked onto the tour for the first night we were there. I’d recommend doing that as it helps you learn a bit more about the area and also gives some great places to visit for food for the rest of your days. 

The meeting point was La Pedrera which is one of Gaudi’s most famous buildings in Barcelona. We met Christina our guide and the other 2 couples on the tour and then were on our way to the first restaurant. 

The great thing about the tour is that you get to discover places off the tourist route and the tapas is more authentic than what you would find down the touristy Las Ramblas. We started off in a little tapas place not too far away from Passeig de Gracia, La Bodegueta Provenca where we got to try traditional tapas from Octopus (Pulpo) , anchovies (Boquerones) , tomato bread, mini squid (Chipititones) and traditional sausage. Drinks are also included in the tour and on this stop I tried a white wine from Albarinho which as well as being very easy to drink it also had a cat on the front. Win- Win?! 

We also got to know the other couples on the tour, Herb and Sue Ellen were from Philly and had just finished a wine cruise around Spain (next holiday maybe?) it was interesting to hear how they don’t have the breadth of European wines that we do in the UK and made me appreciate our supermarket offerings a whole lot more! The other couple were from France, and the guy (whose name escapes me) brother was in Seville and runs the Seville Foodlover Tapas Tour. His girlfriend Sophie was a nurse in France but didn’t speak English so he translated for her for a lot of the time which was just skills! 

Our second restaurant was quite a new one called Taverna Mediterrania and we had a surprise when we got there as Matt was there! Sophie was particularly grateful as Matt is French too so it evened out the French speaking a little! I loved the decor in the taverna, it was super kirsch with each piece on the shelves representing a different place or country. 

This was super traditional with a Tripe dish, Russian Egg Salad, tortilla and a chick pea salad. Drink wise we had the traditional Catalan Vermouth which wasn’t totally to my taste but I managed to drink it just! 

When we had finished there Matt and Christina led us out to the middle of the street where Matt told the story of why the crossroads in Barcelona don’t have corners, I won’t spoil it but at one point we actually stood right in the middle of one! We sadly couldn’t persuade him to stay so he rode off on his Vespa promising us that the final restaurant (La Taverna Del Clinic) would not leave us dissapointed.

Action shot! 

Wow. He was not wrong! The gastronomic delight boats an award winning tapas chef and an award winning tapas. I was on the white wine again and the wine glasses were absolutely enormous (if you follow me on snapchat you will have seen !)  As I had told Matt over email I only really liked white wine and each restaurant knew this and this white was picked out especially for me! Talk about fab service! 

Dish after dish at La Taverna Del Clinic was just superb. We started off with tomato bread and ham which were both perfect but traditional, soon though the gastronomy started. We were brought out an Olive Spherification each- it popped in the mouth and emitted basically liquified olive! 

After that was the award winning take on Patatas Bravas. The potato cylinder had its inside scooped out and replaced with the typical paprika and aioli inside. Then topped with poppy seeds and chives. It was so nice! 

Next up was octopus with a mousse consistency potato, plus little white carrots which were super cute! 

After that it was Apricot Gaszpacho with Barnacles on top,  this was my least favourite as the apricot was very tangy! It’s spending Christina said they eat in summer though when the heat is on it’s the perfect dish for a lazy evening meal. 

I then tried Sea Bass for the first time which came with the tiniest asparagus on top of it (clearly loving the tiny veg vibes here!) I’m told it was cooked perfectly and I certainly enjoyed it!

Now this dish is the one that defeated me, the most perfect Duck Cannelloni with Parmesan and truffle oil, I just couldn’t finish it but each mouthful was amazing. But I eventually left just a little bit! 

There was still one last course luckily we had a rest and it was a most delicious Carrot, Lemon and Orange sorbet, just perfect! Also it was served on a dish made of ice. Best dish ever. 

We’d soon reached close to midnight (after meeting at 7.30) and we were fit to burst! Christina even helped us get a taxi back too bless her! We had a fab night getting to know other people from different places, plus more about Barcelona and it’s wonderful food! I would highly recommend it if you enjoy tapas as much as I do! Let me know ifs his has inspired you in the comments below! 

*I was kindly given my place for free to review this, however I paid the first time and for Mr E this time as I knew it would be fab! All views and opinions my own (some slightly influenced by copious wine haha!)