A little known fact by most is that the theme for our Wedding was Alice in Wonderland. From the invites which had quotes from the book, clocks spelling out the date (3pm,7pm and 10pm (3.7.10) and miniature ornate keys, to a wish tree with Cheshire Cat cut outs, to my blue dress and Tiffany Key necklace to Lukes Cheshire Cat socks and pocket watch.

So when I was looking where to go in Wales as part of our 12 in 12 (I’m allowing one ‘home nation’ as such!) it had to be Llandudno – it’s said that Lewis Carroll was inspired by some of Llamdudnos features as the real life Alice holidayed in Llandudno with her family and some of her adventures whilst on holiday inspired his tales. On the first May bank holiday the town hosts a Victorian Festival with the centre full of old steam engines, fun fair games both old and new, organs and people dressed in Victorian clothing. With the promise of an old school helter skelter to feast my eyes on I was there!


We drove across in the morning and parked next to the train station (at a cost of £3 for the whole day), and made our way to the north side of the coast to start our day. As we’d driven in we had seen some sea fog towards the coast but it was like night and day as we walked up the road towards the South Parade. We sat looking out to sea as the fog rolled in, and when we went down the pier there was something eerily depressing about it all.

Then we walked across to the other coast stopping for lunch with a view of the Queen of Hearts Statue. There’s a statue trail across the town which can be done using an app but we just waited to chance upon them as we wandered. It was like night and day when we got to the tiger side of the coast it was far less busy and the sun was beaming down. I even paddled in the sea and felt the wonderful sand between my toes. It was beaut! Finished off with an ice cream and it felt like Summer.

Instead of walking back we got the dinky train back to the other side and it was absolutely hectic – we were obviously too early before but everyone had flocked to that side once the sun had shone! We decided to get going to miss any kind of traffic and spotted this bridge across the main road to what looked to be a lookout point. Intrigued we came off at the next junction and quickly searched on google to see how to get there. Turns out with great difficulty which involved snagging my beautiful dress but just look at what awaited us the other side! The sea was so blue it reminded me of Corfu last year. Absolutely stunning.

It was a very short trip and I do wish we’d stayed over as it was so beautiful and was exactly what my soul needed. Tell me your fave place in Wales below as I’ll definitely be visiting again soon!