I’ve just touched down back from my Moroccan trip. It was very much different to my trips so far this year as it was an All Inclusive affair about 30mins out of Marrakech in the middle of no where. You know the type of thing where you go and don’t leave the compound as everything you need is there. It was for my friends hen do so I was v glad when it meant I got to go experience Morocco again (last time I went I was 17!) albeit a little differently as I was looking forward to chilling out with a pool and cocktails too!

The hotel did offer a free coach into Marrakech so the explorer in me had to go for the morning and luckily a few of our hen party wanted to come along too. So what to do when you have 2 hours in Marrakech!? I had to choose wisely so opted to go find the Bahia Palace and then do a bit of shopping (of course) I was on the hunt for a straw bag and some Hermes Inspired leather sandals as a starter for ten.

After much walking around tiny streets with google maps not understanding where I was (and me not understanding either lol) we finally happened upon the palace entrance – which is NOT where google maps indicates it is either! The grounds are large so it just pinpoints the middle I think.

After ignoring a guy I thought was trying to accost me which resulted in him shouting at me because I hadn’t paid!! We found the tiny ticket booth and paid our 80p (10dirhams) to get in.

I must say it took my breath away, around every twist and turn and through every darkened room into brilliant sunlight filled courtyards it was just beautiful. There were lots of guided tours walking around and I’d have loved to have known more about its history however we had zero time. Maybe I’ll read up about it now I’ve been!? I can see how you could easily spend a few hours just wandering and enjoying the gardens around it too. However we soon had to dash to do a bit of shopping.

We right down a very pretty street that looked full of shops, I found my sandals and kept trying them on until I found some that fit my large,wide feet and when I ended up with 3 pairs the guy nearly fainted when I asked how much for all 3 colours! It’s deffo worth buying more and haggling as they expect this! I went from about £8 for a pair to £12 for all 3! I nearly didn’t buy the pink pair as I thought I never wear pink yet they’ve been the most worn so glad I went for them!

My friends did some shopping too and we came across a bag stall full of woven bags, they are available cheaper than what we paid (£12 for one bag) but we both had leather straps and my friend had a leather strap added to hers whilst we waited, you don’t get that at Topshop do you!? We then kept going down the street picking up a few other bits and then luckily we were back to the square where we had started- a tip is to ask people you have bought things from directions as they often won’t try and trick you like some people will!

I must admit it was a great way to spend a couple of hours away from the sun beds and I’d highly recommend making the trip not just for the shopping and to see some of the sights. It’s definitely got me wanting to go back- have you ever visited Morocco?