Cher Horowitz eat your heart out! I too can rock the marabou!
There is something about marabou that means you just can’t hate it, maybe it’s because it’s a soft as a little kitten (and who can hate them?!) or it could just be because it’s so darn fluffy!
Whichever way when I saw these fluffy bags doing the rounds in glorious pastel shades in the summer I reallllly wanted one, but I resisted! However when grey was one of the River Island Autumn Winter colours I had to try much harder and then caved in when I had a 20% off code!



It took me a while to find the occasion to use it, as it doesn’t hold loads so as much as I want to use it every day I can’t! It finally got it’s first airing in my works meal out and as expected I did get lots of comments especially from my male work colleagues who just couldn’t understand why I would need a fluffy bag! I did however love using it so when I saw the coral pink version in the sale I bagged it for £15. It will be perfect for summer!

The only problem with it? If I held it as a clutch I had to be careful where I held or put it, there was a rather embarrassing situation where I’d out the grey one in my lap when I sat down, when that happens the best situation can be that I’ve brought a cat out on the town with me, the others… I’ll leave that to your imagination!