So today’s the day for wrapping pressies, a full Sunday lunch and finally decorating our hallway!
First thing first though are my advent calendars!
The boots window was massive so I was looking forward to something special behind it!
It was an Umberto Giannini Pom Pom Pony Band (matching clips here) , a slight let down on the size if the window vs.what it was but actually a really nice hair band.

As I have to wear my hair up for work sometimes I do like to use and interesting band to put it in, so this will be very handy! It’s a shabby pom pom made from frayed chiffon and will look great with a high pony.
My Ciate calendars had the same message today, but different gifts!
The QVC one had a gorgeous caviar pearls mix called Deck The Nails a mix of red and gold pearls


I’m thinking of trying this with Boudoir from the calendar.
In the classic calendar I got Kiss Chase a true pink which verges on neon.

I like the look of this so I’m excited to try it vs some of my other pinks!