Ad|Press Event. I was invited to spend the day with Jet2 CityBreaks and Jet2 Holidays. Having a festive day and here’s what i got up to!

Catching Up With Friends and Jet2

As well as the awesome day ahead planned it was also going to be a day to catch up with fellow blogging friends, and the Jet2 Team! I got to catch up with Victoria and Mary and we hung out for the majority of the day. It was so nice to see them both and spend time with some others too. I’d spent the day before at a wedding so didn’t take advantage of the mulled wine on offer at the start, but devoured plenty of mince pies and water! Not quite as festive but it was the best I was going to manage whilst feeling delicate.

lucy stood at the bar with her drink

Candle Making with Golden Hour Co

Our first activity of the day was candle making with the Golden Hour Co. Christian the owner was celebrating their third year in biz which was fab as they seemed so lovely! They’d created some scents for us to make based upon cities that Jet2 CityBreaks fly to this winter.* I wanted to love the Barcelona scent as you all know how much I love Barca! And I did, but it was a very summery scent and I wanted something a bit more Christmassy. The Budapest and Rome ones were much more festive. The Budapest one was designed to smell like Christmas Markets*. But, because I’m awkward after learning more about the scents, I decided to try my own blend of a combo of them both. I called it North Star as it had frankincense in it (and realised once I got home I have a candle called that already oops.) But rehashed name or not, it smells amazing.

Cocktail Making

Luckily our group was first to have lunch and my hangover was very much happy about that! The venue, Headrow House, had put on a festive feast that was delicious! From Dauphinoise Potatoes with garlic, to Sprouts with Bacon and amazing Harissa Turkey. After that it was time for making cocktails. Me and Mary made the Merry Berry Cocktail which was non-alcoholic again but delicious! I also found out that Jet2 also offer ski holidays which I didn’t know before so one for those that like more activity, or like me, the apres ski is kore your thing!

me and mary cheersing to our drinks!

Brush Lettering with Phylecia Sutherland

Our final activity was brush lettering with Phylecia. It basically involved learning how to fake calligraphy using pens and then putting that learning onto baubles and gift tags! I knew I’d be awful at this but, I wasn’t the worst and was quite happy with my attempts! It’s pretty hard to write on a curved bauble. Tags are much easier. Luckily for me as I’ve now made all my Christmas Gift Tags in this style now too.

selfie with my bauble that says Jingle on it

I didn’t win best bauble but Mary did, winning a fab Jet 2 Break for herself so I couldn’t be mad about it haha. I had a wonderful day so thank you Jet2 for the event!