Accessory Obsession : Handbags

Being plus size things aren’t always accessible to me. THAT gorgeous Topshop snake print dress? Not in my size. THE leopard print satin wrap skirt? Stops at a size 16. The most amazing velvet boots I just found? Well they aren’t wide fit. I do have more choice than some other plus size ladies though but, by the by, if I had access to all the fashion I wanted it would be pretty dangerous! Instead the way I get trends I want I to my outfit is through my accessories. I’ve always accessorised though, right from when my mum took me to Meadowhall (UK Shopping centre) for the first time and she bought me a skirt, two tops, bag, headband, shoes and SOCKS even all in the same print and collection I knew matching was my thing. (May also account for the three items from the H&M x GPJ Baker collection I got in the same print this season!). From that I’ve got lots of love for jewellery, headgear, shoes to some extent and definitely bags.

Bags will always fit , they don’t look different on me than they do my smaller size friends or my petite friends (except maybe a cross body bag!) and we can all shop them from the same places. My need to match things though means I have to have a good selection and luckily I’ve never been massively into buying loads of designer bags and just have a few propping up my high street collection. That said I’m saving for a designer bag at the moment and keep going to Vogue Bags* for inspiration for my next splurge- I’m fancying a velvet Gucci Marmont or Chloe Nile at the moment but, in the same breath, I’ve got my eyes peeled on the new in section waiting for a croc effect round bag to come online at River Island after seeing it on their insta so I’m keeping it real too!

Recently I did treat myself to a new Mulberry clutch on a bit of a spur of the moment after receiving news about my promotion at work, I wanted to mark it in some way even though it may only be for 6 months and I love their pouches which I use as clutches for nights out and what not. You may remember this black or tan one from posts gone by and they are often more affordable than a Mulberry bag and still look great. When I saw this bronze pouch for £60 instead of £300 in their outlet at The York Designer Outlet I knew it had to be mine! It takes some polishing to keep it looking good though let me tell you sticky fingers around this one are not the one! If you’re looking to own a designer bag and don’t care if it’s this seasons or last an outlet is great for it! York Designer Outlet have a small Mulberry, Coach, Michael Kors and now a newly opened Kate Spade plus a few mid tier brands like Radley and Fiorelli and it’s great for finding a bag at a much lower price! I’m also told the outlets in Las Vegas are good for bag hunters so I’ll be planning a trip there when I go in a few weeks.

I do love a cheaper high street bag though and when I saw this mustard suede bag in the Mango at Barcelona airport (after being gutted that their scarf print dress didn’t come in a plus size version) I knew it had to be mine. The price in euros was less that the price in £ on the website so worth a look when travelling (I think I paid €26) if not it can be yours for £35.99 which for real suede is still a good price IMO. If you’re vegan of course it’s not so great but they do this style in a pleather for £17.99 too so still worth looking at.

Even cheaper than that are some of the bargain bags I’ve bought from Mercari. I know I talk about this selling and buying platform a lot but that’s because I blooming love it! This is what- I got this New Look bag which is the most loved on my Instagram at the moment for just £9 including postage! (It was £19.99 new and sold out!) and it was perfect for our Italy trip as it fits loads in. I’ve been loving the crochet trend and also picked up the Topshop IT crochet bag in white for my travels from Mercari too.

Are you a high end or high street fan!? I do think if you’re spending money on fashion then a classic designer bag is better than buying designer clothing that might not fit in a years time, or shoes that will wear (or could turn out painful) but in the same breath an on trend high street piece is an affordable way to add a nod to a trend easily and inexpensively! Let me know what you think in the comments!

*Post in collaboration with Vogue, as always thoughts, subject, words and photos are my own.