I’m not going to lie this Christmas Party sneaked up on me fast!
It was in the diary for a long time but the time had gone so fast!
Of course though, I still managed to pull together a new outfit!
I built it around my new G21 Party Dress (£22, George.com) which has a stretch velvet bodice, mesh neckline with keyhole back and layers of gorgeous tulle for the skirt!
It was a little short for my 5’11 frame and I really didn’t want to wear tights so
I added my River Island black wet look midi skirt (similar here) underneath which gave it that extra inch and looked every part of the dress!
I then added my Primark Limited Edition sparkle bib necklace (£8), it really looked like part of the dress too! I customised it with my RI fly brooch to add in the big theme I had with the rest of my accessories!

I paired this with my William Tempest for River Island Scarab bag which is a gunmetal ball shape with a scarab beetle clasp and little scarabs on the long strap! As you can see Mr E thought he could use it as a crystal ball after a few Magners!


I also added my Pilgrim scarab beetle ring.

And my Asos shoes which added a bit of print and colour to the outfit but continued the gunmetal theme withe the spikes at the peeptoe

I paired with a gunmetal eye thanks to UD Naked and Naked 2, and natural
Lips. Nails were Nails inc Nail jewellery.
And here’s the finished outfit!


As you can see I lost the shoes as the night went on!
My final shot of the night was this pose which actually make me look like I’m asleep! I did sleep like a log in the Premier Inn we stayed at though!