Okay so you’ve followed my tips for ‘buying a pre-loved designer bag’ post and now you are the proud owner of a bag you want to love and cherish, and most importantly, WEAR! If you’ve invested a significant amount in it, you are going to want to know the ways to protect a designer bag. So here I am to offer up the goods once again.

Protecting from the Inside – Out

I figured I would start by covering the ways to protect a designer bag from the inside out! It starts with handbag liners for your bag. Mostly made from a thick felt type material, these pouches can be found for most common bag types, and cover the base and side of the bag. they just slot into the inside of your bag. So you can worry less about marking the inside of your bag with one of these inside. Some have additional pockets or compartments to help with organising the contents of your handbag. ideal for larger bags! They can also support with bag slouching, as they are quite a sturdy material, they can help more softer leather bags keep some shape. (I’m looking at you Chanel 19!)

Image of the Chanel burgundy castle rock bag

On the subject of shape, if that’s a primary concern, you can get a base shaper to help with that. These usually come in leather, pleather or suede material and are flat insert that runs flat in the base and folds at each end up the side slightly . (Think a ruler type shape.) These take up less room than a liner, and are perfect for smaller bags and amazing for Wallet-On-Chains (WOC.) As they support the base, the sag is removed and makes a WOC more roomy in doing so!

Protecting Whilst on Display

So when you’re not out and about looking fabulous, what are the ways to protect a designer bag whilst its not in use? The first thing on my list would be a bag pillow. Basically a posh way of stuffing your bag, you can buy ready made stuffed pillows to pop inside your bag. These are sometimes silk or felt and you can even buy personalised ones. It’s really easy to make your own if you are crafty though so look out for my post on that coming soon! A pillow is better than just tissue paper as it supports the bag more. It can prevent creasing and dents from the bag sitting for time. And I use the word display, but beware of any rooms with direct sunlight, and think about dust. I keep my best bags in their dust bags in between uses to prevent any unnecessary damage.

For bags with chain straps I’d also consider a storage bag for them to prevent dents. Any drawstring pouch would do IMO, but you can buy them to match the pillows from some sellers. In some intricate bags think about anywhere the chain will still meet he bag if it’s a fixed on. Pop a scrap of felt underneath if you really want to minimise indentations.

The the last thing I’d suggest would be a bag sleeper. These are usually felt, and just sit in-between top flap and bag. This is another dent protector and stops the flap from making dents in the bag underneath. Especially handy for any internal zips like in the Chanel Classic Double Flag Bag.

Protecting the Outside

I wish I’d protected my Pink Mulberry Alexa hardware as it is scratched beyond belief. It is a special rose gold hardware that seems to attract scratches! I’ve not made the same mistake this time though. I have bought (and been gifted*) some hardware protectors from Havre De Luxe. I’ve now got them on all my Chanel bags and purses and so far they are fab. I couldn’t get the size I needed for some of my bags but a few messages later, I’d sent some dimensions and got some perfect ones sent my way! You can add them to older hardware just not deteriorating hardware. Message the team if you’re unsure though and they will be able to help.

To protect the material of the bag I’ve been trying the Havre De Luxe Water and Stain Guard. It needs reapplying around every 6-8 weeks and I’m on the first go so will report back. I also carry one of their fabric and leather single use wipes in each bag to help with any issues I may come across for quick action!

They also offer a range of cleaners and conditioners so if you want to help your bag stay in its best condition its worth a look at those too.

Hopefully this has provided you with some help on protecting your designer bag/s- let me know over on Instagram if it has wont you!