So first things first do you celebrate Valentines Day or no? It can be quite a Hallmark Holiday can’t it , however I’m all for an excuse to spread more love for one day. Of course being married it’s not about secret card sending or buying random tat to profess love, but more about spending time together and in my case picking out my own card! Seriously though check out this one from Paperchase v pricey but it has cats on and the music is a song we sing pretty often to each other! Fate right!?

Anyway I digress. Back to spending time together, as I’m travelled out we won’t be jetting off anywhere soon, but eShores * gifted us a lovely food hamper so we (read Luke) could cook up a storm based upon the romantic cities they found in Europe. Considering two of the three places were in Italy and Luke is quarter Italian it had to be him to do it right!? Aside from the fact I’m a crap cook!

I figured I’d do this like some episode of Through the Keyhole by giving clues via what we ate so you can guess the top three Romantic Cities! So are you ready!?

Is there anything better than pasta? Well turns out, multicoloured pasta! I often have lots more cheese than photographed if I’m but I didn’t think a pile of Cathedral City quite looked as good! Plus it’s not from the country where our first city is! So here’s some clues:

  • It’s famous for some steps that you’d think belong to another country
  • Make sure you throw a coin in its most famous fountain or else risk being a ‘spinster’ (I hate that word btw!)
  • It’s home to a very famous ceiling


Did you guess it ? Rome was one of the cities we visited on our honeymoon. However it’s littered with some less than romantic memories the main one being Luke getting severe heatstroke and his whole body swelling up as we’d queued to go in the Vatican in blazing heat! Don’t let that put you off as there’s plenty to see and do whilst there

Here’s a photo from our last trip there no I don’t know what my hair or Lukes is doing in this pic.

Next up was dessert and we started off with this popular liqueur that we picked up from its country of origin last on last years travels- it came with the shot glasses (well,more cups) too which are super cute!

  • The roads are very different
  • You’ll find a different type of taxi here too
  • It’s also host to a very large and busy square


We went to Venice for Luke’s 30th birthday and we have much better memories from there! The weather was beautiful, we drank cheap Prosecco and wandered the streets with no intentions other than seeing beautiful views. Holding hands through the tiny backstreets with no agenda was the perfect way to be together and just relax. Totally my fave of the three most romantic cities that is for sure! Also my brother and sister in law got engaged here so that defiantly scores points for romance!

And last but not least the final stop on our tour is the home of the macaron.

  • This city is home to one of the most famous paintings (IMO)
  • It’s home to my favourite wall with flamingos on!
  • It ‘towers’ over other cities


Paris is beautiful, but it’s not my husbands fave place. Whether we chose the wrong district for us to stay in, or just weren’t feeling it he’s in no rush to go back! There were some highlights and standing beneath the Eiffel Tower as it’s sparkled and shine felt really magical and special. Our friends got engaged in Paris so it’s certainly one of their most romantic cities!

So we had a lovely evening reminiscing over our past trips and planning future ones, I’d recommend doing something similar if you can’t afford/don’t want to travel as it really made us look beyond the last year at our travels and experiences together. As we always say you are my greatest adventure.

*Post is an un-paid collaboration with eshores. Food shown (not drink!) provided by them to enjoy a pre-Valentines night in based on their three romantic counties trip featured. As always thoughts and views are my own