I said I’d be back to tell you all about what set I chose from Panache after meeting the lovely Zehra at TheCityGirls Event. I was a tough choice and in the end offered up 5 of my favourites from their brochure as options ( Envy Padded Bra in Mint, Odette Sweetheart Bra, Magenta Sports Bra and Cassie Longline Bikini ). She then chose The Floris Set* for me, which is the one from the catalogue that was in the previous post. It was fate!

The Floris Set is a gorgeous summery floral print on an ivory base. It’s the first non padded bra that I’ve had in years but sacrificing the padding and moulding I’m always drawn to for this gorgeous print was definitely worth it .

   The bra is a balconette design which gives lift, and oh my it really does! The bra has a criss cross/geometric embroidered mesh section at the top part of the cup, which is scalloped at the top and gives it a feminine feel and much more current and young compared to a lace top.


It’s also on the briefs too and the scallop is mirrored there too, such attention to detail! The detail doesn’t stop there though the straps, which are wide enough for a larger bust, mirror the criss cross pattern of the mesh too. The material overall is just so soft to touch and feels great quality.

Fit wise I love it. The briefs fit perfectly (size 18-true to size) and the bra does too. The centre of the bra fits flat in the centre of my chest and the wiring sits perfectly under bust and at the sides is flat to my sides (not sticking into boob flesh lol). However the back does feel a bit tight for me at the moment. It’s because I’ve been wearing looser backed bra’s which means I’ve been getting little to no support as the back provides most of the support and lift in a bra, so they’ve basically been just hanging around lol.

I did speak to Zehra about it and I asked her thoughts on bra extenders, which she said would be fine to use to get myself used to the tighter back, gradually tightening as I go. I’m currently trying it with a couple of bra’s I’ve bought in the smaller back size so here’s hoping it works for me.

I must say the quality really shines through in this bra set, it’s probably on of the more higher end sets I now own (£30 for the bra and £15 for the briefs) but I’m not going to keep it for special occasions as it would be a shame to only wear it rarely as it fits so well!

 I’d recommend getting measured if you haven’t done recently, it’s such a surprise what difference it makes as is having a great quality bra that fits to that new size. Let me know how you get on, or you’ve recently been measured and had a shock like me!

*Thanks again to Panache for providing the set for review. As always my thoughts and views are my (honest) own.