The Comparison Series – Nudes

If you’ve seen my post on my Nail Polish storage you will know I have a fondness for a neutral nail polish!
That’s why I’ve split the Comparison Series Into beiges, nudes and minks.


I chose to put my favourite nude to the test this time, which is OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons , it’s. Great one coater and I keep a small bottle in my work drawer for those nail polish emergencies!
I chose to use Nails Inc Chalk Farm Road , Revlon Smoky Canvas , Ciate Cookies andCream and Orly Country Club Khaki to compare.


Opacity: The OPI is a one coater (sometimes 2) as I’ve already mentioned, the others take 2 coats to get even colour. The Nails inc was still slightly see through after 2 coats and it got another coat to even it up with the others.

Finish: these are fairly glossy and none of them bubbled.i think my least favourite finish was the Revlon polish, the thinner than average bush leaves room for more streaks than a thicker one, so application wasn’t easy.
The Orly and Revlon shades also came out a lot darker than on the bottles so didn’t really compare to the OPI.

Revlon £6.49 (now discontinued)
Ciate £9
Nails Inc RRP £11 (another discontinued shade)
Orly £9.95
OPI £7.95

As the OPI is a few collections old now it means it’s available for less than the usual RRP so it’s still the all round champ for me!
What’s your favourite nude?