The second instalment of the comparison series is based upon brown shades, more a taupe/dark mink to be precise.


For this comparison I’ve used an unnamed Claires Polish (new shade here ), No7 Beanie , Nails Inc Holland Park Avenue and OPI Over the Taupe .


Opacity: All of these were 2 coaters which I’d expect from darker shades like these. The Nails inc was the thinnest though and could have taken another coat to bring it up to scratch.

Finish: All were quite glossy as you can see from the shine in the photo’s. Colour wise the No7 was a redder brown than the others which I wasn’t as keen of, and OPI and Claires come out on top for colour and shine.

Claire’s £2.50
No7 £6
Nails Inc £11
OPI £11.95

Overall the OPI has my heart on this one, it’s a lovely colour and finish, and it’s worth the money in my view. If you were looking for a cheaper alternative I would definitely recommend the Claires polish, as it keeps up with the OPI and for less than a quarter of the price it’s a great budget buy.