My favourite place to eat is back on the blog again! If you’re an avid viewer of Sunday Brunch, Saturday Kitchen or even This Morning then you’ll have probably seen Omar Allibhoy cooking up a Spanish treat on your TV. He’s just released his second book ‘Spanish made Simple’ which was the reason for us visiting Tapas Revolution on Monday to try out some of the dishes from the book which have made it onto the Specials section of the menu for Autumn. Omar was there to chat about the dishes and explain a bit more and as per usual he was a fab host! 

 I’m not going to waste any time so here’s the new dishes:

First up on the menu is Warm Letuce. Yep, really. And if I tell you it was amazing I’d hope you’d believe me! I can’t believe it’s such a simple dish yet it tastes so good, as it’s lettuce in a lovely warm dressing it’s perfect for those autumnal days where the weathers just that little bit warmer, and could be a good alternative to vegetables with a meal if you’re planning to try it at home too. 

The second dish is marinaded chicken wings, the glaze on these was lush, and was just the right side of sticky. I wouldn’t have described the glaze as lemony though so it’s not overpowering but the sweetness was definitely there from the Honey. 

Third up is the only thing I don’t like not he menu. It was Georgina’s fave but I’m just not a bechamel sauce fan, Luke also liked them so I was the odd one out which he was happy about as it meant more for him.

Lastly was my fave if the night, the slow cooked lamb stew. When we chatted to Omar he said that in Spain they love a stew but rather than the usual root veg us British people would add they add a shed load of peppers. And it makes it tastes so good. The lamb was so tender too, it was hands down favourite. 

We also got to try out some old faves, Pan Con Tomate, Jamon and croquettes. All were beaut. 

Safe to say after all that plus a few homemade lemonades and a sangria I was stuffed. But dessert came and it would have been rude not to. Especially when I saw the Torrija- a baked brioche bun which is basically cooked in custard a bit like bread and butter pudding might be, and is served warm with more custard and cinnamon. Now I’m not a big custard or creme anglaise fan but this was superb. I didn’t eat the bits covered in the custard but all the rest I thoroughly enjoyed and I would recommend having it as a dessert if you go! We had it with a lovely sweet sherry that Omar chose, it was he last of the 2013 batch I believe which he was gutted about, it was super nice so I could see why!!

We also got tot try the chocolate pot, made with sea salt and olive oil. It was the best ganache type dessert I’ve had, it had such a fab consistency and wasn’t so heavy after such a large meal. Just perfect. 

Hopefully by now you’re drooling and wanting to go. I mean it hands down now when I say I don’t eat anywhere else if I’m in Meadowhall now, and I love the atmosphere as it’s just super chill. It’s the one non fast junk food place that I feel I can go and sit on my own in and eat without feeling like an idiot, and that goes for some thing! Also it’s fab to enjoy it with friends too so I’m glad Georgina and Alfie were there, and it was great to meet some new people there too, thanks to the guys at Tapas Rev for inviting us! I must say I did wonder how tapas would translate into winter but it seems to have achieved it pretty darn well, and I now have a book to be able to cook it at home too (if you know me when I say I, I mean Luke as I am a terrible cook).