Sophisticated Nights Out

Long gone are my days of going out and dancing until the wee hours- although it can still happen on the odd occasion it’s not a twice weekly occasion like it used to be!
So I’ve been looking for alternatives for enjoyable nights out that are a little more sophisticated than just going down the local Yates’ and being surrounded by very drunk people sipping on Jagerbombs.

So how do you get a sophisticated night out I hear you ask?! Well I’m not too sure but when I got invited to go wine tasting I didn’t think it was a bad start!!
I went to an event Veeno Wine Cafe where I got to taste wine and Italian Antipasti as a taster of what the Veeno Wine Cafe Offers.
We got to taste 4 wines and the rose was my favourite, even Mr E liked it!



Myself and the lovely Faith and Yuna enjoying the wine and looking sophis.
(Photo credits to Mr E for these photos.)
The concept behind Veeno is that you can go and enjoy a lovely wine with nibbles and actually have conversation. Think Starbucks but with wine (also the not driving home afterwards part too, or getting a carry out for all your workmates, but you get the idea.. )
You can book wine tasting here and is a great idea for a few people to do together. The only suggestion is have is I’d like to have been told a little more about the wine when we were there, although for a great evening out it might be better not to be interrupted with info about wine!

My next night out trial was of a similar vein, Champagne tasting! (Sensing a theme?!). I’d been lucky enough to win this experience with Epernay Champagne Bar a while back but with a long weekend off work it was the first chance I’d had to go and do it!
It’s really not one for those with low alcohol tolerance as basically we had 6 3/4 glasses of champagne!

Our host for the session took us through the history of champagne whilst we sipped on a Kir Royale, explaining how it’s made and the differences between tastes.
We then got to try the champagnes one by one.

My favourite was the vintage champagne (I have expensive taste what can I say!?). We didn’t get to taste the piece de resistance of champagne but we did learn on how and why it looks like it’s wrapped in the outside of a toffee penny.

However after tasting lots of champagne we then met some friends to go to a 30th birthday party and this happened….

Oops. And then the obligatory toilet mirror selfie …..

So I discovered that sometimes no matter how sophisticated you think you’re being sometimes you just need a Hawaiian lay, a test tube shot and some mates to really enjoy yourself!
I’ll definitely be going for more classy nights in the future but I can’t promise they won’t end up a little derailed with the promise of a good time!

So to quote the great Ron B … Stay Classy.