We took a trip up to Newcastle a few weekends ago, we did over commit slightly as we had to be back for a friends surprise birthday meals, and I had a shoot on the Saturday morning, but we still managed a little exploring before the Kano gig in the evening which was the reason we went! I finally got to see the Angel of the North close up, I’ve always wanted to go see it properly rather than just off the A1 and it was a perfect sunny autumn afternoon so couldn’t have been better.
Now don’t get me wrong there’s not a lot do do there but we had a walk around and just admired the massive sculpture, I did find it quite mesmerising to look at though and Luke had to drag me away! 

Not before I got some outfit shots of course (hands over eyes emoji!) 
I’m loving this coatigan* I was sent from Evans, it’s just the right amount of warm for days like this one, when it’s not so cold but there’s an edge in the air still. I get really warm when I walk places so I love a lighter weight kind of coat so this is perfect for that too. I love the colour and the removable faux fur is lovely (I’m a sucker for some faux fur. When my hallway has finished being redecorated you’ll get to see my collection of faux fur collars soon.)The only thing I don’t like about it, is that it itches me if I wear it with bare arms. This is because it contains 2% wool. Yes only 2 blooming percent but thanks to my stupid I hate wool/mohair/cashmere skin it itches me. I wouldn’t have even thought it would have made a different but turns out my skin can blooming tell if a sheep even sneezed on the darn thing. Grr. However if you’re not like me this won’t be an issue and you’ll like the material of the coatigan! It also comes in a black/white colourway which is equally as lovely- Chloe from Chloe in Curve is wearing it here and looks stunning in it! 

Now it didn’t itch me enough to be able to stop and have an ice cream whilst admiring the Angel and the Snowdog of the North sculpture that was there too, luckily which finished off our little detour quite nicely! Also how red is this tree! I had to stop and have a photo by it on the way there!