Phone Case Obsession

It was the Christmas of 1999, and I got my first mobile phone, the Nokia 5110 , it had a removable clip on front cover and I was bought a rather trendy cow print one to add to it. No, I don’t know why cow print either, but it was the 90’s. This was the start of my ongoing obsession for customising and changing my phone.
Skip on a few (cough) years and my obsession for cases for my phone has intensified. I’ve now lost count of the number of phone cases I’ve had for my iPhone my most recent was a burgundy one with owls on it from New Look , however it only lasted a month before I broke it a few weeks ago.
I then saw Mr Nutcase were looking for bloggers to work with them and I jumped at the chance, as it meant the broken owls could go! It also meant I could use my own photos on my phone case.
Mr Nutcase offer personalised and designed phone cases for iPhones and other phone types, they also offer tablet cases too. I’ve had printed cases before buy they were really badly made and blurry so I had high hopes that Mr Nutcase ones would be much better quality, spoiler alert! They are!!

The process for designing the phone case was really simple and I chose some of my favourite pics and then customised my colour background and kept a few photo spaces empty so that would have some prominence on it. I also liked their Facebook Page which means you can also get a free screen protector with your order too, it was a no brainer.
It arrived within 2 days and the quality is amazing as I’d hoped.

I’ve now had the phone case on for 2 weeks and there’s no cracks, scratches or anything! It’s £14.95 for one like mine and that includes free delivery. It’s a great way of expressing yourself (definitely better than cow print!) and my next one will be different shots of textile prints and I’m already taking shots to go on it!
Here’s what it looked like on the site when I designed it and you can see how true to colour it turned out:
I love the fact that the sides are clear as I have a gold iPhone 5s and it means that the colour shows through.
Here it is on my phone, the nails weren’t painted to match honest!
Overall I’m loving this case and also think it would make a nice gift for someone too as it’s something personalised that is useful too.