Firstly shout out to Bee for these fab outfit shots! I’m a bit behind with this post as I jetted off to Barcelona (you might have seen my posts on the Ice Lolly Instagram?) and I haven’t stopped since!

We had a fab time at the Ice Lolly Blog on the Beach event before we took these photos, it was Mexican themed so there was VERY strong margaritas – luckily I had non alcoholic as I think just smelling Lucinda’s was enough to add a unit into my bloodstream haha! Another highlight was a mariachi band (although not for Lauren who was in the trumpet ‘Splash Zone!’ I didn’t know that’s what happened with trumpets but it’s making my mouth water in a bad way just thinking about it). Their rendition of Don’t You Want me was fab though!

We then went into a bigger room and listened to three talks delivered by Kirsten from The Kooky Traveller, The Vlogging Academy and Sabina from Girl vs Globe.  

The top 3 things I took away from them was:

1. Kooky Traveller- Online Security- think about what you post- and where it tags you to- my Instagram posts were showing exactly where I was when I was posting at home(so easy to know where I live!) also even my domain was not registered privately so my full address was there for anyone to see!

2. Girl vs Globe- Building your audience- how to connect and grow your followers using her quick tips think about who is reading your blog!

3. The Vlog Academy- Vlogging- the front button on your iPhone is NOT the camera -who knew? (Not this is sarcasm I know I’m not often sarcy so thought I needed to point it out! The middle talk was rather basic for established bloggers needs)

We also had breaks in between them where we had more mariachi and some Mexican food and also a piñata which when Kellie magnificently hit it and it went crashing to the floor was the funniest thing I’d seen in a while!

It was after we had wound up myself and Bee went to take some outfit shots. We attempted to find somewhere quiet, yes in central Leeds on a Saturday. So we finally settled here in one of my favourite hidden squares in Leeds between Trinity and the arches.

For the day I wore a bargain I got from the Plus Size Sale on Facebook, it was en evening where some of my fave PS Bloggers sold some fab clothes and shoes. I picked up this ‘dress’ from Michaela from Cardifforniagurl and like she says it’s a risky dress and being a couple of inches taller than her I wasn’t about to even try! However I loved the print and thought it would make a good long top, and that it did! It’s still available on Simply Be here (£22.50) if you like it! I’m wearing a 22 here and I think it adds to the oversize smock look of the top/dress.

My tiny suede jacket from Stradivarius in Menorca made a rare appearance too, I love it just wish it actually fit me, it has no hope of ever zipping up, but I love it so, function vs form and all that. I do love autumnal colours for summer and think I could wear the top with a burgundy midi skirt I have and lace up sandals for a more summery warm weather look too.

Overall it was a lovely day hanging out with some of my fave girls, learning lots and wearing new (to me anyway) clothes!