If you haven’t seen the bandwagon to jump on yet, let me introduce you to the Naked Heat appreciation society. Now I am actually loving it but have seen review after review on it, then a few people saying they were getting rid of it as there’s wasn’t a gold in it which I also agree is lacking but wouldn’t make me give it up!

So instead of saying the same things everyone else is (yes, Lumbre is a fab shade, no, there’s no lighter Metallic shades etc) I decided to pick out my Top warm toned Palettes as I am pretty obsessed and own quite a few!

Naked Heat – Urban Decay (£39.50)

Well as this prompted the post it wouldn’t be right not to include it! A great starter palette for warmer shades and a good mixture of metallic and Matte shades. Like I say above I would have liked a lighter Metallic shade but I am still enjoying it, and pair it with my Models Own Myshadow single eyeshadow in Naked (£2.99)to help fill that gap!

Swamp Queen Palette – Tarte 

I’ve wanted this for an age so actually picked it up in the sale when it was only £16. A fab price as it also includes a Bronzer, blush and highlighter which makes it a good multipurpose palette. The top row of shades are my fave and the burnt sienna shade (dogman) is just perfect!

Ablaze Cover Shot Palette- Smashbox (£24)

I spent a long time thinking about buying this but I’m so glad I did! The orange tones in the right hand side of the palette are just so me and the left hand side compliments them too, I especially love the middle pink. It’s got a good mix of mattes and metallics and darker and lighter shades too. A gold all rounder and it’s compact to take away or use as an addition to any other fave eyeshadow Palettes you already may have!

Chloe Morello Pretty, Fun, Fearless Palette – Ciate (£39)

I haven’t used this one as much as I should have I must admit. There’s some great shades in there and a good mix of light and darker shades but I just haven’t reached for it thanks to getting the Naked Heat shortly after. That middle row is very light too and a bit cool toned I know, which is also making me not reach for it I think. I’ll report back once I have.

Master Series One Palette- Blank Canvas Cosmetics *

I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did! That’s because out of 12 shades 11 are Matte and there’s just one lighter shimmer. The others do create a gorgeous warm eye but I do like to add a little more shimmer than what’s provided in the palette. (So of course the Models Own shade comes out again)

Modern Renaissance Palette – Anastasia Beverly Hills (£41)

I didn’t reach for his as much as I thought I would thanks to its buttery shades giving a lot of fallout when applying, but I’ve gone back to it more recently thanks to those pinks and that orange on the right. The three shimmer shades are just up my street too with Vermeer a lovely light shell Metallic being my fave. It’s currently my most reached for so it has redeemed itself and I’m using a flatter brush to help with fall out too.

Rose Gold Palette – Huda Beauty (£56)

Controversial opinion alert this is my least fave of all these. I just can’t get along with the textured shadows and the matte shades pretty much appear in the modern renaissance which is much more blendable I feel. I’m going to give it one last go but then I think I’ll have to give it up! (Also how rubbish are my photos from last year here!? My they’ve improved!)

35F – Fall into Frost Palette- Morphe (£23.50)

Last but no where near least is the holy grail that is Morphe. With 28 (count ’em!) Metallic shades and 7 mattes it’s an all rounder you need! However it’s massive. It doesn’t fit in any makeup bag I own and as I always do my makeup in the car it’s just unwieldy for me. Perfect for when I’ve got longer to get ready though and if there’s not a Metallic shade this one doesn’t have then it’s not worth bothering with.

Phew! Now there’s some I haven’t mentioned like the Tarte Maneater palette (seems to be discontinued) and the Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp (I don’t have any photos of it new shocker! And mines hit pan) which I had to mention here. I now need to know if you have a fave warm toned palette that I’ve neglected to talk about here and I should (maybe) consider adding to my collection!?