Hallmark holiday or not Mother’s Day gives us all the nudge to say thanks to our mums, nans, aunties and anyone who has been a ‘mum’ to us throughout our lives. And you don’t have to buy a card to do it!
You can simply take the time out to treat her, be it by paying a visit and cooking for her, taking her out for some retail therapy or just simply telling her why she is so ace!
I can’t do any of the above except for the last one as she currently in a different country enjoying herself so I wanted to write something to tell her why she is so great!
I was also contacted by Parkdean Holidays who are giving you a chance to win a UK break for you and your mum by entering here and saying why your mum is one in a million- you’ve only got 500 characters though so summarising is key! So I’ll be using this post as a base for my entry and hopefully inspires you to write your own.
Elaine Parker:
She is amazing (don’t we all say that!?) and she has taught me some values that I maintain and will pass onto my children (if I ever have them!)
– be honest -watch out for being too direct though!
– be humble – nobody likes a boaster
– give back – always return good karma and deeds
– family matters- make the most of them while you can
– hard work- put your all in and reap the rewards
– count the pennies- okay, this one I don’t do!

She also has some fab qualities that I admire too, she’s super organised, super clean, more stylish now than ever before (I take some credit for this), so generous and helpful and makes the meanest Sunday dinner and Yorkshire pudding!
I wouldn’t be where I am now without her, even though I take the mickey about her new found candy crush addiction , hatred of Internet shopping and obsession with Breton stripes, she has really supported me both financially and mentally through all my life and I know I can rely on her whenever I need her!
Oh and I know she won’t read this as she doesn’t understand blogging and doesn’t want to be on my facebook !
(I’ll send her a carefully edited email instead!! Hence why there’s no photo of her either!)

So to my mum who is currently sunning her self on a Cape Verde Island and who is celebrating her 70th birthday tomorrow I love you! (And enjoy the champagne delivered to your room tomorrow morning!)

*compensated with a hamper for my mum to promote this competition, but I would enter anyway and have just filled in my details!