My Dressing Room Tour

After lots of comment on my nail varnish storage photos I figured I would share with you my dressing room! This is officially the 4th bedroom in our 3 storey house and it’s the only one on the middle floor, it’s right next to the main bathroom too so it made sense for it to be the dressing room of my dreams!



The decor is vintage metallic, and was based around the fitted wardrobe I chose. It’s a lovely matte bronze on one door and a bronze mirror on the other side with silver casing. It took ages to find a chest that matched but I managed to pick the light gold chest up from Next in the sale. The wallpaper is also a Next bargain from a year or so ago.

I used a piece of toughened glass from an old TV cabinet on the top of the chest to avoid it getting stained or damaged by any toiletries or straighteners, you can get similar pieces from Ikea and I’d recommend it for expensive dressing tables and the like!

On top of the table I have lots of trinkets, some boxes from Store 21, a handheld gold mirror from Debenhams, a golden apple which was a wedding present (I think it’s a bit Snow White-esq next to the mirror)and my alternative wedding bouquet that I made myself (now known as the prototype as I make them as a business now). My hair dryer and straighteners are mounted on the wall, for this I used a cheap bathroom set from argos, the straighter holder was the toothbrush holder and the hair dryer was the soap dish holder. I also use chrome kitchen roll holders to stack my bangles on which are a very cheap way of keeping them all together!


I don’t love this but Mr E needed somewhere to stores his watches (and mine ) so this bracelet display unit from eBay was the best option!


My statement necklace collection – obsessed?me?
And my chest of drawers that I painted myself! It was an old pine chest with brass handles so I sanded , painted and changed the handles to match the room.
Finally my wedding dress takes pride of place hung on the wall with a little plaque next to it.


I love the fact that I can see it everyday rather than it being stuck in an attic, I did want to have it encased but it worked out expensive so dusting it is the way forward!!
I good you’ve enjoyed my little tour!