Hands up who doesn’t like marble? I’m guessing you didn’t put your hand up as I’m sure everyone and their Mum has a penchant for marble in some form. My recent obsession is green marble, following my recent bedroom makeover, but, classic white follows shortly after in the marble love stakes.

Needless to say when this pressie dropped through my letter box (well the courier handed it me but whatever) I was dead excited to get it open! I may/may not have let out a little shriek when I saw what was inside! The most gorgeous pair of hair straighteners I ever did lay my eyes on! The Paul Mitchell Modern Marble Ion Straighteners* are a gorgeous sleek white with gold marble detailing design and an all important white cord too. Oh and come with a matching brush. I got straight (pun intended) to trying them out and was pleasantly surprised. They heated up super fast and as always I whacked it up to the highest heat setting (luckily for my frantic morning routine they heat up super fast!) popped some heat protecting spray (Paul Mitchell of course) and my hair was swishy and straight within minutes! Thanks to the team at Salon Success for sending them to me to try out, they’re now in pride of place in my dressing room. If you fancy getting them they come in a set with the brush and have an RRP of £99.95.

*Item sent for consideration of review as always thoughts and photos are my own!