Today’s nails are daisy inspired thanks to this floral crown from Primark.
The base colour is Nails Inc Kensington Palace Gardens with Dior Spring Ball over the top to add shimmer.



I decided to paint 2 different daisy designs, both of which can be fairly simple to do.
The larger daisy design can be created by using a nail art pen. I added petals using the fine brush and then added them using the own end too, to make a thin petal effect. Then I added a yellow centre and once that was tacky I created the holy texture by pressing a toothpick into the tacky centre.



The dotted Daisy’s are made using the pen end of the white and yellow nail pen which is the easier version of the 2 especially on the non dominant hand!



I’m loving these, even though the sun has gone in today! If you’re inspired then please tweet me pics to @lucy_earnshaw on twitter!