I do like to get crafty every now and then (remember my floral crowns?)
So when I got the idea to make clay gift tags I drafted in Mr E to help out!
I used :
1. Modelling Clay
2. Rubber stamps- (Next £8 and Marks and Spencer £11)
3. Craft knife
4. Rolling pin

They’re a pretty simple make, rollout the clay to the desired thickness and cut to the shape you want. I focussed on tag shapes but you could use cookie/icing cutters to create stars, holly etc.


It’s a simple as choosing your stamp and pressing into the clay, adding some holes for raffia or ribbon and leaving to dry overnight(beware of cracking tags due to fast drying, be patient- says me!)
Once dry you can write on them and add them however you want.
My favourites were these

What crafty things have you done or made this Christmas? Share them with me below!