As if one festive themed Lush event wasn’t enough they went and opened a store in the White Rose Centre in Leeds!
So myself, Faith, , Jenna, and Carrieanne went along for a nosey on its pre opening night.



As always we received a warm welcome from all the Lush colleagues and Ulrika who had invited us there and was super lovely. There was also various cocktails flying around and they were inspired by the Lush fragrances, this one was the ‘Sun’ one, I love how this one had a lollipop pegged on it!


It’s always nice to speak to the Lush colleagues as they have a big passion for the products and ethos behind the brand. It’s always great to find out new faves through them too, and by chatting I’d added on So White Showergel , Golden Wonder Bath Bomb and Christmas Eve Bubble Bar (thank Faith for this one!) to my festive ‘wants’ list.
I did tick off the Golden Wonder and Christmas Eve Bath goodies but decided to leave So White behind in favour of picking up Drummers Drumming from my earlier post on top 5 Christmas Lush products!
However… As we left we were gifted the most gorgeous knot bags and inside amongst various goodies was the So White Showergel!


I used the Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar (£3.25*) straight away and although I don’t consider it to provide many bubbles it left a creamy water that softened my skin a treat!

The next day I had to use the Golden Wonder )£3.75 as I was so excited to try it! It didn’t disappoint with its light citrus smell and multitude of colours , if you shake it before you can just hear the little surprise inside which is another tiny bath bomb which leaves small circles of colours as it hits the water. I also loved that it had tiny gold stars in it too!



I also finally got my hands on a
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb (£3.50)

This is another quite citrusy scented one and also contains bergamot oil.
It’s super glittery and leaves behind a dark starry night coloured bath water.
Whilst it’s still fizzing yellow and pink colours swirl around the bath and even the bubbles seemed multicoloured.


I’ll be using my Northern Lights Bath Bomb soon so keep you eyes peeled on my Instagram for my thoughts on it! Thanks again to Lush White Rose for having us!