Imagine the conversation:

Friend: Lucy, you’re girly,  answer me this how do you paint your nails?

Me:Erm.. With nail polish?!

Friend: No! Like the order you paint them in.

Me: (straight away) Thumb first, why do you start with your little finger and thumb last?

What she said next was a revelation. She paints her little fingernail then her middle nail then thumb, then goes back to the ring finger and finishes on the index finger. This stops smudging she says. Of course I went home to try it out but I just couldn’t do it!

I tried it out with my next manicure that I wanted to share- which included these OPI polishes I was sent from * . It probably didn’t help that I was putting a different colour on my ring finger mind, but it just got me all confused!


Any ways here’s the details: the shades are Sleigh Ride for Two and Incognito in Sausalito  which I thought were both perfect winter shades.They’re also both in the clearance section which means they are under £7 each which I thought was a fab deal. I was also sent a Seche Vite top coat (£7.99 on site), Elegant Touch Top Coat (£3.95) various tools including some nail art brushes and a MoYou stamper and stamping plate. It was to celebrate their new site, which I must say I was impressed with as there’s lots of bargain and free delivery with a £15 spend, which if ordered before 2pm means dispatch that day (I got mine the day after) so perfect for nail polish emergencies when you just don’t have the right shade, which believe it or not for me is quite often as I’m so fussy!!

I’ve not tried the stampers yet so watch out for how I get on coming soon-

In the meantime though tell me how you paint yours as I really want to know what’s the most popular way!


*all products shown sent from for review. Thoughts and life changing questions all my own…