When we first went to Kefalonia it was for the day on a cruise. We toured the island on a bus and visited some of its landmarks but the one image that stole my heart was this. A beautiful pebbled beach with just one person on it. I said then and there that we would return and find our own pebble beach and we did! We also managed to get to a few other more popular ones so here’s a round up of them!

Pebbled Beaches bear Sámi

We followed the coast road into Karavomylos and stopped on the road at the waters edge there. Along the stretch there was a man with his dog and a person swimming we were later joined by another swimmer shortly after the first left, and that was it for all the afternoon. It was so nice to swim in once we’d gotten past the rocky footing and I even managed to arrange the pebbles on the beach to make them comfy to drift of on whilst I was drying off! There are a few coves higher up the island on the same road but they were so busy, not quite like when we visited in early October last year out of season!

Ammes Beach

This was our closest beach and it’s benefits are it has a beautiful sandy beach. It’s covered in sunbeds which you pay 7€ for two with a brolly, free WiFi and drinks service from the bars above the beach. It’s not too steep to get down too either which I liked as I hate getting sweaty before I’ve even started to sunbathe! If you like planes it’s also a great place to be as its right at the end of the runway, so as you land keep your eyes to the right of the aircraft and you’ll see it!

Myrtos Beach

The most famous yet overrated I’d suggest. As it featured in the film Captain Corellis Mandolin it’s the one people flock to. And from its vantage point you can see why , the white beach and beautiful blue sea. Except when you finally figure how to get down you’re greeted with pebbles and a not as clear water as other beaches (I’m told – we didn’t even bother really figuring out how to get down there!)

Petani Beach

I’m gutted we didn’t make it to here as again I’m told that this is actually better than Myrtos for its accessibility and its clarity of water. An excuse to go back again though I’m sure!

Xi Beach

The sand here is either fabulous or equivalent to Skegness’ brown sand I can’t figure out which! The day we went we had the weirdest sea fog so it was super humid and murky, the sand also seemed to get on everything- maybe because it was more noticeable or maybe because we tried to change and dry off in the humidity in a tiny changing cubicle and kept dropping things I don’t know!

The rocks there also have a clay which is said to be good for the skin. It was so funny watching people pop it on and of course my face got the treatment. My dermatitis felt so good after I should have taken a pot to fill up and bring back haha!

I must admit I’m not usually a beach goer, give me chlorinated water anyday but I really enjoyed exploring these beaches and having our own little private spot to simply relax on. Are you a beach/sea or pool lover? Tell me why below won’t you!?