It’s got to be said hair slides are having a moment right now. I love how sometimes really affordable trends from the catwalks make it to the high street and the hair slide trend is definitely one that’s giving me life.

Photo of a selection of hair slides made from pearl and faux tortoise shell laid in a line with some pampas grass across to the left

Wear your heart on your… hair?

Being around in the 90’s I had many a diamante hair clip, none that were quite as fab as these word ones that allow you to wear your feelings in your hair. I went for a very safe LOVE one, little known fact is that my initials are LVE so I enjoy anything that says love on it. Whilst I was at it I also picked up BOSS because of you can’t empower yourself on a hair slide where can you!?

Lucy facing down wards resting her face on her hand with a boss diamante clip and a pearl clip in her curled hair

Pearly Queen

This has to be the most sophisticated way to wear a hair slide, less Z-list celeb and more debutant. There’s a few styles doing the rounds but the oversize pearl clip style is the easiest to rock I’ve found. I whack mine in daily now as it’s just so easy to use. It’s the main one people think about when they think about the hair slide trend I think too. Although my two open rectangle ones are also pretty popular. The one with the diamante in is from eBay and the plain one from ASOS. My smaller ASOS set are cute and I tend to layer them more like with the BOSS one above, although they are harder to put in as they are more of an old fashioned clip style.

Lucy wearing a cream jumper with a pearl hair clip in her hair. Standing on Portobello Road in front a pub
Photos of hair slides laid with a Chanel necklace and Kylie cosmetics lipstick and book
Lucy sat in a field of snowdrops on top of a log facing down with a pearl hair clip and check coat and white t shirt
Lucy putting a pearl hair clip in her hair at rush hair salon.
A selection of pearl hair clips, a Chanel necklace and tassel bracelet draped across a grey back ground and book

Stars in their Hair

I remember seeing an image of Lauren Conrad (on another note gutted she is not in The Hills remake) with diamante star hair clips placed within her wavy hair and wanted to recreate it. I found this amazing crescent moon and 2 stars set on eBay and added to basket post haste. After that I learnt they were a blatant copy of an Anthropologie set. Or vice- versa who knows!? I haven’t yet gone the whole hog with the stars yet and have layered them with my pearl faves.

A close up of Lucy’s hair with a pearl hair slide and a star hair clip in her hair
A couple of star hair clips and a moon one in a trinket dish with a crane on top

Coming out of Your (Tortoise) Shell

Gucci pioneered this one but let’s be honest who spends £315 on a hair clip? Answer not me. So I got the Nasty Gal £6 version which has Gucci Vibes for 2% of the price. I also picked up a 4 pack of barrette style ones from Accessorize for £7. However I find they don’t stay in as well, so don’t wear them as much.

Lucy with a background of green grass facing to the right with a ‘cutie’ hair slide in her hair
A tortoiseshell hair slide with diamante cutie on it laid on a wood table with a handbag chain in the back and some clear lens quay Australia orange glasses

I’ve set up a Pinterest board on hair accessories (as head bands are also on the come up!) I will share my faves on there for more inspo. In the mean time let me know what your fave is below and if you’ve bought into the hair slide trend yet!?