Okay so we are fast approaching the end of the first of December but forgive me as I was slowly choosing quality films for this Christmas Movie advent calendar. Premise being each day a different Movie. We start with the best of the best of Hallmark Movies then move into Netflix Specials then finish with the big guns! Let me know what your Faves from this Christmas Movie Advent Calendar are below!

Days 1 to 6

1st December. A Christmas Date- Woman takes a random guy to her parents for Christmas.

2nd December. Our Christmas Love Song. Country Music Singer goes home to find proof she didn’t plagiarise her new song.

3rd December. Christmas Inheritance. Has to go back to where her dad and ‘uncle’ started their business she is in line to inherit.

4th December. Christmas in Evergreen:Letters to Santa. Reopened an old family shop.

5th December. Mingle all the Way. Based on a dating app belive it or not!

6th December. Angels in the Snow. MY FAVE. Try not to watch it too closely and it will be fab.

Days 7 to 12

7th and 8th December. Dash and Lily Netflix Series. Binge watch all the episodes (8) across 2 days. Or do it in one and have a day off!

9th December. A Christmas Prince Netflix. Journalist gets sent to cover a story on the Prince whose due to be king.

10th December. The Holiday Calendar. Woman inherits a vintage advent calendar and it starts to predict what will happen that day.

11th December. Operation Christmas Drop Netflix. Based on a true yearly event of an airbase that delivers aid parcels but they build a story around it to make it a film.

12th December. Reunited at Christmas. In my synopsis I wrote dead nan wrote a traditions list. And that actually sums it up.

Days 13 to 18

13th December. A Christmas Winter Song (I thought this was called a Christmas song so unsure if it changed name!) Has r&b songstress Ashanti in it. No Ja Rule tho. She owns a shop and befriends an old man and helps him.

14th December. Journey Back to Christmas. A nurse from the 40s gets put in 2016.

15th December. Midnight at the Magnolia. Set around new year, a pair of radio hosts and best mates try to get a better radio slot.

16th December. A Christmas to Remember. Woman gets amnesia and gets taken in.

17th December.Christmas Land. Woman inherits a Christmas tree farm.

18th December. Mrs Miracle. Dawson from Dawson’s creek and Rays mum from everybody loves Raymond stars. She comes to be nanny to his errant twins.

Days 19 to 24

19th December. The Santa Clause. Tim Allen stars.

20th December. The Grinch 2018 version. The coolest music and animation. Made me love the Grunch himself.

21st December. The Holiday. I’ve put this on as I know loads of people love it. I can give it take it.
22nd December.Elf. Has to be done. Sometimes twice.

23rd December.Miracle on 34th Street. The 90s version.

24th December. Muppets Christmas Carol. There’s nothing better than singing along with Kermit to one more sleep til Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Let me know over on Instagram which ones you manage to sit and watch and what you think of them!