I am no cook, no baker and overall I just don’t really ‘do’ the making of foodstuffs in any form. However I’d wanted to try making a freakshake (milkshake with alllll the toppings) for so long I got Luke to agree we could make them for my birthday. We didn’t quite manage it on the day but a week later we finally had all the ingredients ready to go. As I’ve had quite a few comments wanting info on how to make one I’ve pulled together this quick guide so if you’re like me and January is just another month of the year then you can make one at the weekend to enjoy! 

Glass decoration is key, I used Marshmallow Fluff to stick the mini Terry’s Chocolate Orange onto the glass, it was perfectly sticky but a bit dribbly but I actually quite liked it! Once I’d decorated the glasses went in the freezer to help them set slightly (it was only slightly!). 

Luke created the milkshake, We added a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookie plus Sweet Freedom Chocolate Orange syrup to vanilla ice cream and milk and whizzed it up. I wouldn’t suggest addding ice,  as although it can bulk it out in reality it just makes the shake thinner and more watery. I drizzled some more syrup on the inside of the glass before adding it to my pimped out glass. 

For building the milkshake into a freakshake, a holed donut is the main component for me, as it holds a lot more on top of it, in this case lashings of squirty cream, half a Tarte and Berry chocolate brownie, a Lily O’Brians chocolate orange chocolate and some more mini choc oranges. I also added chocolate orange matchmakers to sit alongside my straw. Basically channel your inner Jenga skills and you’re there. 

Voila! Sounds pretty easy right? Let me know if you decide to give it a go!